Kid Friendly Things To Do In Delano, Pennsylvania

Delano is a borough located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the borough had a total population of 2,085. Delano is located in the Wyoming Valley West School District. The borough is home to a number of kid-friendly attractions, including the Delano Park, the Delano Recreation Center, and the Delano Public Library. The Delano Park features a playground, a basketball court, and a picnic pavilion. The Delano Recreation Center offers a variety of activities for kids, including a gymnasium, a game room, and a dance studio. The Delano Public Library provides a variety of resources for kids, including books, DVDs, and computer games.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Delano, Pennsylvania

1. Baseball Game – There is a minor league baseball team in Delano, the Delano A’s. They play their home games at Memorial Park, which is also the site of the Delano Farmer’s Market.

2. Farmer’s Market – The Delano Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday morning from May through October. It features locally grown produce, flowers, baked goods, and more.

3. Street Fair – The Delano Street Fair is held annually in September. It features food vendors, live music, a carnival, and more.

4. Pumpkinfest – Pumpkinfest is a Halloween-themed festival held annually in October. It features a pumpkin-carving contest, a parade, live music, and more.

5. Movie Theater – The Delano Movie Theater is a historic theater that dates back to the 1920s. It shows first-run movies and also hosts special events.

6. Bowling Alley – The Delano Bowling Alley is a family-friendly spot for bowling, arcade games, and casual dining.

7. Mini Golf – The Delano Mini Golf course is located in Memorial Park. It features 18 holes of mini golf, a concession stand, and a picnic area.

8. Parks – Delano has several parks, including Memorial Park,way Park, and Valley View Park. Parks offer a great place to picnic, play sports, or just take a leisurely stroll.

9. Bike Trails – Delano is home to several miles of bike trails, which wind through the town and offer great views of the countryside.

10. Swimming – Delano has two public pools, Memorial Pool and Valley View Pool. Both offer swimming lessons, lap swims, and open swims.


1. What Is The History Of Delano, Pennsylvania?

Delano was settled in 1789 by a group of German immigrants. The town was named after a town in Bavaria, Germany. The early settlers were mostly farmers, but Delano soon became known for its coal mines. In the late 1800s, Delano became a center for the textile industry.

2. What Is The Population Of Delano, Pennsylvania?

The population of Delano is about 4,200.

3. What Is The Climate In Delano, Pennsylvania?

Delano has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. Summers are usually warm and humid, while winters can be cold and snowy.

4. What Are The Main Industries In Delano, Pennsylvania?

The main industries in Delano are textiles, manufacturing, and coal mining.

5. What Are The Main Attractions In Delano, Pennsylvania?

Delano is home to several historical sites, including the Daniel Boone Homestead and the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum. The town also has a number of parks and recreation facilities.

6. What Is The Cost Of Living In Delano, Pennsylvania?

The cost of living in Delano is relatively affordable. Housing costs are moderate, and there are a number of restaurants and grocery stores in town.

7. What Is The Delano School System Like?

The Delano school system includes a number of public and private schools. The town is home to two high schools, a middle school, and an elementary school.

8. What Sports Teams Are Located In Delano, Pennsylvania?

The Delano Tigers are the town’s high school sports teams. The Tigers compete in a number of sports, including basketball, football, and baseball.

9. What Is The Crime Rate In Delano, Pennsylvania?

The crime rate in Delano is relatively low. There are a number of police officers and security guards in town, and the community is generally safe.

10. What Are The Air Quality And Environmental Conditions Like In Delano, Pennsylvania?

The air quality in Delano is good. The town is located in a rural area, and there are a number of trees and green spaces.

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