Centralia, Washington is a great place for families with kids of all ages. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. For the younger set, there’s the Easter Egg Hunt at the Centralia College campus, the Children’s Festival at Riverside Park, and the Kids Karnival at the Chehalis-Centralia Fairgrounds. For older kids, there’s go-kart racing at Big Wheel City, rock climbing at Cascade Mountain, and hiking and biking trails galore. And for the whole family, there’s always the Centralia Outlet Mall for some shopping and dining fun. So whether your crew is looking for outdoor adventures or indoor amusements, Centralia has something for everyone.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Centralia, Washington

1. Visit the Centralia Factory Outlets for some great shopping.

2. Spend a day at the Centralia Aquatic Center, which features a water slide, lazy river, and more.

3. Take a walk or bike ride on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Trail.

4. Visit Fort Borst Park to see the restored fort, play some sports, or go for a hike.

5. Take a tour of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center.

6. Go fishing at Lakeicent Conservation Area.

7. Visit the Pioneer Farm Museum to learn about early pioneer life in the area.

8. Go for a swim at Cascade Falls Park.

9. Explore the grounds of the Children’s Museum of Centralia.

10. Visit the Amtrak Station to see the historic railcars and learn about the area’s railroad history.


1. What Is The History Of Centralia, Washington?

Centralia was founded in 1875 as a coal mining town. The town grew rapidly as the coal mining industry flourished in the area. However, the coal mines began to experience problems in the early 1900s, and many of the miners left Centralia in search of other employment. The town began to decline in population and importance.

2. What Is The Current Status Of Centralia, Washington?

The town of Centralia is now largely abandoned, with only a few residents remaining. The main source of income for the town is now tourism, with many people visiting to see the abandoned coal mines and the ghost town atmosphere.

3. What Is The Reason For The Decline Of Centralia, Washington?

The main reason for the decline of Centralia is the closure of the coal mines. This has led to a loss of population and a decrease in importance.

4. What Are The Main Attractions In Centralia, Washington?

The main attractions in Centralia are the abandoned coal mines and the ghost town atmosphere. Many people visit to see these sites and to learn about the town’s history.

5. Is Centralia, Washington A Safe Place To Visit?

Yes, Centralia is safe to visit. There is no longer any active mining in the area, and the town has been largely abandoned. However, visitors should be aware that there are some derelict buildings and structures in the town, and should exercise caution when exploring.

6. How Do I Get To Centralia, Washington?

The best way to get to Centralia is by car. The town is located off of Interstate 5, about 2 hours south of Seattle.

7. Where Can I Stay When Visiting Centralia, Washington?

There are a few options for lodging in Centralia. There is a hotel, a bed and breakfast, and a few RV parks.

8. What Else Is There To Do In Centralia, Washington?

In addition to exploring the abandoned mines and the ghost town, visitors can also enjoy the several parks and hiking trails in the area.

9. What Is The History Of The Centralia Coal Mines?

The Centralia coal mines were some of the first in the area, and began operating in the late 1800s. The mines experienced a number of problems in the early 1900s, which led to many miners leaving in search of other employment. The mines eventually closed, leading to the decline of the town.

10. Are The Centralia Coal Mines Still Open?

No, the Centralia coal mines are no longer in operation.

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