Cannes is a beautiful city located on the French Riviera. It is known for its luxury, its chic hotels, and its film festival. However, there are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Cannes as well!

There are several beaches in Cannes that are perfect for families. Plage du Midi is a great option, as it has a playground and a shallow area for kids to paddle in. Plage de la Bocca is also a good choice, as it has a few restaurants and cafes nearby for a quick bite.

If your kids are into art, the Musee d’Art Classique de Mougins is a must-visit. This museum has a collection of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as paintings from the Middle Ages.

For something a bit more active, the Parc de la Palmeraie is a great option. This park has a playground, a petting zoo, and a mini-golf course.

Finally, no trip to Cannes would be complete without a visit to the famous La Croisette. This promenade is lined with high-end shops, restaurants, and cafes. Kids will love people watching and browsing in the many stores.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Cannes, France

1. Take a walk along the Croisette: The Croisette is a beautiful promenade that runs along the seafront in Cannes. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll, people watching, or just enjoying the fresh sea air.

2. Visit the Palais des Festivals: The Palais des Festivals is the home of the annual Cannes Film Festival. Even if you’re not in town for the festival, it’s still worth a visit to see the iconic red carpet and maybe even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two!

3. Relax on the beach: Cannes has some of the best beaches in the French Riviera. Soak up the sun, paddle in the Mediterranean Sea, or just people watch from your beach towel.

4. Shop ’til you drop: Cannes is a shopper’s paradise! From designer boutiques to local markets, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for souvenirs, be sure to check out the famous Cannes Film Festival merchandise.

5. Explore the Old Town: The Old Town of Cannes is a charming maze of narrow streets and alleyways. Get lost amongst the centuries-old buildings, stumble upon hidden courtyards, and find your way to the top of the Suquet hill for stunning views over the city.

6. Visit the islands of Lérins: Just off the coast of Cannes are the Lérins Islands, home to two monasteries dating back to the 5th century. Take a boat trip out to the islands and explore the peaceful gardens and atmospheric buildings.

7. Try your luck at the casino: The world-famous casino in Cannes is a must-visit, even if you’re not a gambler. For those who do want to try their luck, there are plenty of games on offer, from Roulette to Blackjack.

8. Take a day trip to Nice or Monaco: Cannes is ideally located for exploring the wider French Riviera. Spend a day in the chic city of Nice or the glamorous principality of Monaco. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, take the train to Italy for the day!

9. Go on a wine-tasting tour: The French Riviera is famous for its rosé wine, and there are plenty of vineyards in the area where you can go on a tour and learn all about the production process. And of course, you’ll get to sample the finished product!

10. Attend a performance at theOpéra de Cannes: The Opéra de Cannes is one of the most prestigious opera houses in France. If you’re lucky enough to be in town when a performance is taking place, make sure you get tickets!


1. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Cannes, France?

The best time to visit Cannes is between the months of April and October when the weather is the most pleasant. However, if you are looking to attend one of the many festivals that the city hosts, you will need to plan your trip around the specific dates of the event.

2. How Do I Get To Cannes, France From The Airport?

There are a few different options for getting from the airport to Cannes. You can take a taxi, which will be the most expensive but also the most convenient option. You can also take a bus or a train, which are both reasonably priced and take around 30 minutes to reach the city center.

3. What Is There To Do In Cannes, France?

There is plenty to do in Cannes regardless of your interests. If you are looking to relax, you can spend your days lounging on the beach or exploring the many shops and restaurants. If you are looking for something more active, you can go for a swim, take a walk or bike ride along the coastline, or visit one of the many museums or art galleries.

4. What Is The Currency In Cannes, France?

The currency in Cannes is the Euro (EUR). You will be able to find currency exchange offices at the airport and around the city, but it is always a good idea to have some Euros on hand before your arrival.

5. What Is The Food Like In Cannes, France?

The food in Cannes is a mix of French and Mediterranean cuisine. There are many restaurants to choose from, so you will be able to find something to suit your taste and budget. There are also plenty of bakeries and cafes where you can grab a quick snack.

6. What Is The Nightlife Like In Cannes, France?

Cannes has a lively nightlife scene with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to keep you entertained. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quiet place to have a drink or a club to dance the night away.

7. What Is The Weather Like In Cannes, France?

The weather in Cannes is pleasant for most of the year, with average temperatures ranging from 18-25 degrees Celsius. However, it can get quite hot in the summer months, so be sure to pack some light, comfortable clothing.

8. What Is The Cost Of Living In Cannes, France?

The cost of living in Cannes is relatively high, but this is to be expected in a major city. However, there are ways to save money by eating at cheaper restaurants, buying groceries instead of dining out, and avoiding tourist traps.

9. What Is The Best Way To Get Around Cannes, France?

The best way to get around Cannes is on foot or by bike. However, if you are planning on exploring outside of the city center, you may want to take a bus or train. Cannes also has a small airport, so you can fly into the city if you are coming from another part of France or Europe.

10. Are There Any Safety Concerns In Cannes, France?

Cannes is generally a safe city, but like any major city, there are always some safety concerns to be aware of. Be sure to avoid walking alone at night and keep an eye on your belongings when in crowded areas. If you have any concerns, you can always ask a police officer for assistance.

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