Brits is a small town in the North West Province of South Africa. It is approximately 70 kilometres north-west of Johannesburg and 40 kilometres west of Pretoria. Brits is surrounded by large farms on which various crops are grown, the most notable being tobacco, maize, wheat, livestock and dairy. The area also has many game farms and lodges.

The Hartbeespoort Dam is popular for water sports, fishing, picnicking, hiking, bird watching and a cable car ride to the top of the dam wall. The Lion Park and De Wildt Cheetah Centre are nearby. The BritsHistory Museum is located in an old style market building in the centre of town and the Van Gaalen Cheese Farm is a working farm and restaurant where you can learn how they make their cheese and enjoy a meal.

For the kids, there is the Brits Arts and Crafts Centre where they can make their own pottery or buy locally made arts and crafts. There is also a putt-putt course and a playground at the Brits Waterfront. For something different, you can visit the nearby Willem Pretorius Game Reserve to see zebra, eland, kudu, red hartebeest, wildebeest, blesbok, impala, and many more animals.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Brits, South Africa

1. Visit the Bona Bona Game Reserve

2. Go on a Safari at the Kruger National Park

3. Visit the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve

4. Take a walk or cycle through the Vrede en Lust Wine Estate

5. Visit the Cheetah Outreach Centre

6. Have a picnic at the Zwartkopjes Dam

7. Take a scenic walk or cycle through the Riebeek Kasteel Wine Estate

8. Visit the Meerkat Magic Conservation Area

9. Play at the De Hoop Dam Nature Reserve

10. Visit the Aquila Private Game Reserve


1. What Is The Capital Of The United Kingdom?

The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

2. Who Is The Current Prime Minister Of The Uk?

The current Prime Minister of the UK is Theresa May.

3. How Many Countries Are In The United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

4. What Is The Uk’S Population?

The population of the UK is around 66 million.

5. What Is The Uk’S Currency?

The currency of the UK is the pound sterling.

6. What Is The Weather Like In The Uk?

The weather in the UK can be very variable. It can be warm and sunny one day, and cold and rainy the next.

7. What Are Some Of The Uk’S Major Cities?

Some of the UK’s major cities include London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

8. What Is The Uk’S National Dish?

There is no single national dish of the UK, as there is such a diversity of food from all over the world.

9. What Are Some Of The Uk’S Famous Landmarks?

Some of the UK’s famous landmarks include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Stonehenge.

10. What Is The Uk’S Time Zone?

The UK is in the Greenwich Mean Time zone.

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