There are many kid friendly activities to do in Bremerhaven, Germany. For example, the German Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the city and the country. The museum has many interactive exhibits that will keep kids entertained. They can also explore the nearby harbor and see the different ships that are docked there.

If your kids are looking for a more active activity, they can try visiting the sealIFE Center. This is a great place to learn about the different sealife in the area and see them up close. There are also many different shops and restaurants in Bremerhaven that your kids will enjoy. Overall, there are plenty of things to keep kids entertained in Bremerhaven, Germany.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Bremerhaven, Germany

1. Take a stroll along the Weser River Promenade

2. Visit the German Maritime Museum

3. Stop by the Bremerhaven Zoo

4. Learn about the city’s history at the Schaufenster Fischereihafen Museum

5. Spend a day at the Havenwelten Bremerhaven

6. Visit the Auswandererhaus

7. Take a ride on the mini train at the Stadthalle

8. Play at the Adventure-Land playground

9. Visit for information on current events and things to do

10. Check out the tourist information office for more ideas on things to do in the city


1. What Is The Population Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

As of December 31, 2019, the population of Bremerhaven, Germany was 109,119.

2. What Is The Geography Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

Bremerhaven is located at the seaport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. The town is an enclave, completely surrounded by the state of Lower Saxony.

3. What Is The Climate Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

The climate in Bremerhaven is marine west coast with cool, cloudy, wet winters and cool, cloudy, wet summers.

4. What Is The Economy Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

The economy of Bremerhaven is largely based on fishing, freight transport (particularly container traffic), and shipbuilding.

5. What Is The History Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

The history of Bremerhaven begins in 1827, when the German Empire’s first customs-free port was established at the behest of Bremen merchants.

6. What Are The Attractions In Bremerhaven, Germany?

Some of the attractions in Bremerhaven include the German Maritime Museum, the Havenwelten (Harbor Worlds), the Zoo am Meer ( Zoo by the Sea), and the Columbus Center.

7. What Is The Transportation In Bremerhaven, Germany?

The transportation in Bremerhaven includes an airport, a seaport, and a railway station.

8. What Is The Cuisine Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

The cuisine of Bremerhaven is influenced by the maritime culture and fresh seafood is plentiful. The city is also known for itsborscht.

9. What Is The Culture Of Bremerhaven, Germany?

The culture of Bremerhaven is maritime-focused, with a strong emphasis on the city’s history as a port town.

10. What Is The Nightlife In Bremerhaven, Germany?

The nightlife in Bremerhaven is centered around the city’s many pubs and bars.

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