There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in Blacktown, Australia! For starters, the area is home to several family-friendly parks and playgrounds, as well as a large water park perfect for cooling off on hot summer days. Nature-lovers will also enjoy exploring the Blacktown Heritage Centre and Gardens, while animal-lovers can head to the Blacktown Zoo or Featherdale Wildlife Park. For something a little different, kids can also enjoy a round of mini golf or go-karting at one of the local facilities. And of course, no visit to Blacktown would be complete without stopping by the Blacktown City Arts Centre to see the latest exhibitions and performances.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Blacktown, Australia

1. Visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park

2. Go on a treasure hunt at the Blacktown Heritage Centre

3. Learn about Aboriginal culture at the Bunjalung Aboriginal Cultural Centre

4. Get active at the Blacktown Aquatic Centre

5. Take a walk or ride a bike through Billabong Park

6. Visit the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility

7. Play in the playgrounds at Stillwell Park

8. Have a picnic at Minimbah Reserve

9. Go for a walk or ride a bike around Lake Meadows

10. Enjoy the view from the top of lookout tower at Nurragingy Reserve


1. What Is The Population Of Blacktown?

The population of Blacktown is approximately 309,000.

2. What Are The Main Industries In Blacktown?

The main industries in Blacktown include manufacturing, retail, health care, and education.

3. What Is The Median House Price In Blacktown?

The median house price in Blacktown is $650,000.

4. What Are The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Blacktown?

The most popular tourist attractions in Blacktown include the Blacktown Heritage Centre, the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility, and the Sydney Motorsport Park.

5. What Is The Average Rainfall In Blacktown?

The average rainfall in Blacktown is 1,200mm.

6. What Is The Average Winter Temperature In Blacktown?

The average winter temperature in Blacktown is 14°C.

7. What Is The Average Summer Temperature In Blacktown?

The average summer temperature in Blacktown is 26°C.

8. What Is The History Of Blacktown?

Blacktown was established in 1806 as a convict settlement. In 1860, it became a municipality, and in 1906, it became a Shire.

9. What Are The Demographics Of Blacktown?

The demographics of Blacktown are approximately 60% Australian-born, 30% from New Zealand or the United Kingdom, and 10% from other countries.

10. What Is The Local Government Area Of Blacktown?

The local government area of Blacktown is the City of Blacktown.

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