If you’re looking for kid-friendly fun in Beerse, Belgium, you’ll find plenty to keep the little ones entertained. Start with a visit to Miniature Park Texland, where you can explore a life-size replicas of Belgian landmarks. Then, head to Kidz Village for an indoor play center with slides, climbing walls, and more. If the weather is nice, take the kids to the nearby Beerse Zoo for a chance to see lions, tigers, and other animals. Finish up with a stop at Sweet Sensation, a local candy store with tons of sweet treats to choose from.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Beerse, Belgium

1. Visit the local museums

There are several museums in Beerse that are perfect for kids. The Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the most popular, and kids will love exploring the exhibitions on dinosaurs, animals, and plants. The Museum of Fine Arts is another great option, and kids will be amazed by the paintings and sculptures on display.

2. Go for a walk in the park

Beerse has several beautiful parks that are perfect for a family walk. Klompenmakerpark is a great option, and kids will love playing in the playground and seeing the ducks in the pond. Another great option is Kasteelpark, where kids can explore the castle ruins and the tunnels that run underneath.

3. Have a picnic in the forest

Beerse is lucky to have a large forest right on its doorstep. This is the perfect place to have a picnic, and kids will love exploring the trees and playing in the open space.

4. Go swimming

There are several indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Beerse, so kids can take a dip no matter what the weather is like. For indoor pools, try Zwembad De Warande or Zwembad De Marke. For outdoor pools, try Zwembad Den Eekhoorn or Zwembad Het Leen.

5. Visit the Zoo

The Antwerp Zoo is just a short drive from Beerse, and kids will love seeing all the different animals. The zoo also has a great playground, so kids can burn off some energy before the drive home.

6. Go horse riding

There are several stables in Beerse where kids can go horse riding. This is a great way to explore the countryside, and kids will love the experience of being on a horse.

7. Play mini golf

Mini golf is a great activity for kids, and there are several courses in Beerse. One of the most popular is Minigolf De Warande, which has 18 holes.

8. Visit the library

The Beerse library is a great place to take kids. They can browse the shelves for books, and there are also computers that kids can use.

9. Go ice skating

In the winter, kids can go ice skating at IJssportcentrum Antwerpen. This is a great activity for kids of all ages, and it’s a great way to burn off some energy.

10. Have a Party

Beerse is a great place to have a kids party. There are several party venues in the town, and there are also several companies that offer party planning services.


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