Barbalha is a municipality in the state of Ceará, Brazil. According to the IBGE’s 2020 estimate, Barbalha has a population of 108,848. It is the 12th largest city in the state and the 4th largest in the Cariri region.

The city is home to many kid-friendly activities, including the Parque de Diversões Majestoso amusement park, the Museu de Cera wax museum, and the Miradouro da Lagoa do Peri lake lookout. There are also several parks and playgrounds throughout the city, making it a great place to raise a family.

Barbalha is also home to the Feira de Caruaru, the largest weekly fair in Brazil. The fair features over 3,000 stalls selling everything from clothes and shoes to food and electronics. It is a great place to find bargains and is a popular tourist attraction.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Barbalha, Brazil

1. Visit the Museu de Cera.
2. Take a walk through the botanical gardens.
3. Visit the Zoo.
4. Go on a safari.
5. Attend a show at the local theater.
6. Visit the local library.
7. Go swimming at the local pool.
8. Try out some of the local cuisine.
9. Go on a hike.
10. Explore the local neighborhoods.


1. What Is The Population Of Barbalha, Brazil?

According to the most recent census, the population of Barbalha is approximately 104,828.

2. What Is The Climate Like In Barbalha, Brazil?

The climate in Barbalha is tropical, with average temperatures ranging from 21-32 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is The Economy Of Barbalha, Brazil Like?

The economy of Barbalha is largely based on agriculture, with sugarcane, tobacco, and livestock being the main products.

4. What Is The History Of Barbalha, Brazil?

The city of Barbalha was founded in 1759, and was originally part of the captaincy of Ceará. In 1888, Barbalha became a municipality, and today it is one of the largest cities in the state of Ceará.

5. What Are Some Of The Sights And Attractions In Barbalha, Brazil?

Some of the most popular sights and attractions in Barbalha include the Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, the Municipal Park, and the Ceará historical museum.

6. What Is The Food Like In Barbalha, Brazil?

The food in Barbalha is typical of northeastern Brazil, and includes dishes such as moqueca (a fish stew), carne de sol (sun-dried beef), and arroz carreteiro (a rice dish with meat and vegetables).

7. What Are The People Like In Barbalha, Brazil?

The people of Barbalha are warm and welcoming, and are proud of their city and its history.

8. What Is The Nightlife Like In Barbalha, Brazil?

The nightlife in Barbalha is relatively low-key, with most bars and clubs closing by 2am.

9. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Barbalha, Brazil?

The best time of year to visit Barbalha is during the months of December and January, when the weather is cooler and there are fewer crowds.

10. What Are Some Tips For Visitors To Barbalha, Brazil?

Some tips for visitors to Barbalha include trying the local food, visiting the historical sites, and taking advantage of the city’s many parks and green spaces.

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