Baishan is a beautiful city in northeast China that is known for its stunning scenery and wonderful people. The city has a lot to offer visitors, especially families with children. Here are some of the best kid-friendly things to do in Baishan:

The first stop for any family should be Changbaishan Park, a large urban park that is perfect for picnics, walks, and playing games. There is also a zoo and a children’s playground.

For a fun and educational activity, families can visit the Baishan Museum, which has exhibits on the city’s history, culture, and natural environment.

Another great option for kids is the Baishan Puppet Theater, where they can see traditional Chinese shadow puppets.

If the weather is nice, parents and children can enjoy a walk or bike ride along the RiverWalk, a scenic path that runs along the Songhua River.

For a treat, families can visit one of Baishan’s many ice cream shops or cafes. There are also a few kid-friendly restaurants in the city.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Baishan, China

1. Visit the Baishan National Forest Park

The Baishan National Forest Park is a great place to take the kids for a nature hike and picnic lunch. The park is home to many different species of trees and plants, and there is a beautiful lake where you can go swimming or fishing.

2. Play at the Baishan Water Park

The Baishan Water Park is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. There are slides, pools, and a lazy river where you can float around and relax.

3. Go to the Baishan Zoo

The Baishan Zoo is a great place to learn about different animals from all over the world. There are many different exhibits featuring different animals, and you can also feed the animals at the zoo.

4. Visit the Baishan Museum

The Baishan Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Baishan. There are many different exhibits featuring different aspects of Baishan history and culture, and you can also see some traditional Chinese art.

5. Go to the Baishan Sports Complex

The Baishan Sports Complex is a great place to burn off some energy. There are many different sports facilities available, including a swimming pool, a track, and a basketball court.

6. Visit the Baishan Bird Sanctuary

The Baishan Bird Sanctuary is a great place to see many different types of birds up close. There are also many different hiking trails available, so you can explore the area and see the birds in their natural habitat.

7. Play at the Baishan Playground

The Baishan Playground is a great place for kids to run around and play. There are many different playground equipment options available, including slides, swings, and a climbing wall.

8. Visit the Baishan Temple

The Baishan Temple is a great place to learn about Buddhism and see some beautiful temples. You can also walk around the temple grounds and see the many different statues and sculptures.

9. Go to the Baishan Hot Springs

The Baishan Hot Springs are a great place to relax and rejuvenate. There are many different hot springs to choose from, and you can also get massages and other treatments at the springs.

10. Visit the Baishan Cliff

The Baishan Cliff is a great place to get a bird’s eye view of Baishan. You can also hike to the top of the cliff and enjoy the views of the city and the surrounding mountains.


The History Of Baishan Can Be Traced Back To The Warring States Period When It Was Under The Control Of The State Of Yan. In Later Years, It Was Successively Ruled By The State Of Zhao, The Qin Dynasty, The Han Dynasty, And The Northern Wei Dynasty. In 557, Baishan Became Part Of The Yan Kingdom Established By The Northern Zhou Dynasty. In 581, The Yan Kingdom Was Destroyed By The Sui Dynasty And Baishan Fell Under The Control Of The Tang Dynasty.

2. What are the geography and climate like in Baishan?

Baishan Is Located In The Southernmost Part Of Jilin Province, On The Border Between China And North Korea. It Has A Total Area Of 4,452 Square Kilometers And A Population Of 1.37 Million. The City Proper Of Baishan Is Situated At The Confluence Of The Songhua And Pyongyang Rivers.

The climate of Baishan is a moderate continental climate, with an annual average temperature of 4.5 degrees Celsius. The frost-free period lasts for 165 days.

3. What Are The Main Economic Activities In Baishan?

The economy of Baishan is based on coal mining and power generation. There are over 30 coal mines in operation in the city, with a total annual output of 10 million tons. The city also has four thermal power plants with a total installed capacity of 2.6 million kilowatts. In addition, Baishan is home to a number of light industries, such as food processing, textile manufacturing, and chemical production.

4. What Are The Main Tourist Attractions In Baishan?

The main tourist attractions in Baishan include the Baishan Scenic Area, the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, and the Songhua River Scenic Area. The Baishan Scenic Area is located in the city proper of Baishan and covers an area of 4.4 square kilometers. It is known for its scenic mountains, rivers, and hot springs. The Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the Changbai Mountain area and covers an area of over 9,000 square kilometers. It is a world-renowned nature reserve and home to many rare and endangered animals, such as the Siberian Tiger. The Songhua River Scenic Area is located along the Songhua River and covers an area of 1,000 square kilometers. It is known for its beautiful scenery and interesting historical and cultural sites.

5. What Is The Food Like In Baishan?

The food in Baishan is a unique blend of Chinese and Korean cuisine. The city is home to a number of Korean restaurants and markets, as well as Chinese restaurants that serve dishes from all over the country. Some of the local specialties include Pyongyang-style noodles, kimchi, and dumplings.

6. What Is The Nightlife Like In Baishan?

The nightlife in Baishan is fairly low-key. There are a few bars and nightclubs in the city, but they are generally not very busy. Most people prefer to socialize in coffee shops or teahouses.

7. What Are The Shopping Opportunities In Baishan?

The shopping opportunities in Baishan are limited. There are a few supermarkets and department stores in the city, but the selection of goods is not very good. However, there are many markets where you can find a wide variety of local products, such as clothes, food, and handicrafts.

8. What Are The Transportation Options In Baishan?

The transportation options in Baishan are limited. The city does not have an airport or a railway station. The only way to get to Baishan is by road. There are long-distance buses that run from Changchun, Jilin Province, to Baishan. The journey takes about four hours.

9. What Is The Healthcare Like In Baishan?

The healthcare in Baishan is fairly good. There are a number of hospitals and clinics in the city that provide quality medical care. However, the city does not have a large number of medical facilities, so it is advisable to bring your own medicine if you are planning to visit Baishan.

10. What Is The Internet Access Like In Baishan?

The Internet access in Baishan is fairly good. There are a number of Internet cafes in the city where you can get online. However, the connection speeds are not very fast and the prices are relatively high.

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