Andenne is a charming town in the province of Namur, Belgium. The Meuse River runs through Andenne and the town is known for its picturesque bridges. Andenne is home to the Andenne International Festival of Street Theater which is held every June. The Andenne International Festival of Street Theater attracts performers and spectators from all over the world. The town is also home to the Andenne Museum which has a collection of old photographs and objects from the town’s history. Andenne is a great place to take a walk or go for a bike ride. There are several parks and nature trails in the area. Andenne is also a good place to go for a meal. There are a number of restaurants and cafes in the town.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Andenne, Belgium

1. Rent a boat and explore the Meuse River

Andenne is located along the Meuse River, making it the perfect place to rent a boat and explore the waterway. There are several boat rental companies in town, so you can choose the size and type of vessel that best suits your needs. Once you’re out on the river, you can enjoy the scenery, fish, swim, or even stop at one of the many riverside restaurants for a bite to eat.

2. Visit the Andenne Castle

Andenne’s castle is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions. The castle dates back to the 11th century and has been well-preserved over the years. Visitors can take a guided tour of the castle, which includes the main hall, kitchen, bedroom, and chapel.

3. Play in the Parc de la Boverie

The Parc de la Boverie is a large park located in the center of Andenne. The park has a playground, picnic areas, a pond, and plenty of open space to run around. In the summer, the park is also home to a large outdoor swimming pool.

4. Stop by the Andenne War Memorial

The Andenne War Memorial is a moving tribute to the soldiers from Andenne who lost their lives in World War I. The memorial is made up of a series of statues and sculptures, as well as an Eternal Flame.

5. Check out the Andenne Museum

The Andenne Museum is located in the castle and is devoted to the history of the town. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, including a replica of a medieval kitchen, a mock-up of a 19th-century street scene, and a section on the local glass industry.

6. Taste the local beer at the Brouwerij Caracole

Andenne is home to the Brouwerij Caracole, a small brewery that produces a range of traditional Belgian beers. The brewery offers tours and tastings, so you can learn about the brewing process and sample some of the delicious products.

7. Wander through the Parc Naturel Hendrickx

The Parc Naturel Hendrickx is a large nature reserve located on the outskirts of Andenne. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, wild boar, and waterfowl. There are also several hiking and biking trails wind through the park, making it the perfect place to get some fresh air.

8. Go for a swim in the Andenne Swimming Pool

The Andenne Swimming Pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. The pool has a water slide, diving board, and a shallow area for small children. There is also a sunbathing terrace, so you can relax in the sun after your swim.

9. Visit the Andenne Market

The Andenne Market is held every Wednesday and Saturday in the town square. The market is a great place to buy fresh produce, as well as locally made food and crafts.

10. Explore the caves at the Grottes de Han

The Grottes de Han are a series of caves located just outside of Andenne. The caves are open to the public and offer a cool respite from the summer heat. Visitors can also see a variety of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as an underground lake.


1. What Is The Population Of Andenne, Belgium?

The population of Andenne, Belgium is around 21,000.

2. What Is The Average Temperature In Andenne, Belgium?

The average temperature in Andenne, Belgium is around 10 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is The Currency In Andenne, Belgium?

The currency in Andenne, Belgium is the Euro.

4. What Languages Are Spoken In Andenne, Belgium?

The languages spoken in Andenne, Belgium are French and Dutch.

5. What Is The Time Zone In Andenne, Belgium?

The time zone in Andenne, Belgium is GMT+1.

6. How Do I Get To Andenne, Belgium From The Airport?

The best way to get to Andenne, Belgium from the airport is by taxi or car.

7. What Is There To Do In Andenne, Belgium?

There are a number of things to do in Andenne, Belgium such as visiting the Belfry, the Basilica of Saint Servatius, and the Andenne Zoo.

8. Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Andenne, Belgium?

The best place to stay in Andenne, Belgium would be near the city center in order to be close to the attractions.

9. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Andenne, Belgium?

The best time to visit Andenne, Belgium is during the summer months when the weather is warm and pleasant.

10. What Do I Need To Know Before I Go To Andenne, Belgium?

It is important to know that Andenne, Belgium is a small city and most attractions are within walking distance. Additionally, both French and Dutch are widely spoken in the city.

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