There are many kid friendly things to do in Ambon, Indonesia. The most popular activity among kids is probably swimming, as there are many beautiful beaches located nearby. Kids can also enjoy snorkelling, as there are many colourful fish and coral reefs to see. If you are looking for something more cultural, there are also many temples and historical buildings to explore. For a more unique experience, you can take a ride on one of the many trishaws that are available, or go for a walk through one of the many markets. Whatever you choose to do, your kids are sure to have a great time in Ambon!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Ambon, Indonesia

1. Visit Samuele’s Antique Shop

2. Take a walk through the Municipal Market

3. See the old colonial houses in Ambon City

4. View the beautiful boats in Ambon Bay

5. Try traditional Ambonese food at one of the many street stalls

6. Enjoy the views from Fort Amsterdam

7. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Air Itam Beach

8. Go on a hike through Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi-Empung

9. Visit the weekly Pasar Malam night market

10. Watch the sunrise over the Banda Sea


1. What Is Ambon?

Ambon is the largest city and capital of the Indonesian province of North Maluku. The city is located on the island of Ambon, which is also the name of the province, and is the main gateway to the rest of the Maluku Islands. Ambon is the seat of the provincial government, as well as being the economic and cultural center of North Maluku.

2. What Is The History Of Ambon?

The city of Ambon has a long and storied history. The earliest settlement on the site of the city was founded by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The city changed hands several times over the centuries between the Portugese, Dutch, and British, before finally becoming part of the Indonesian Republic in 1949.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Ambon?

Ambon has a tropical climate, with high humidity and temperatures averaging around 27 degrees Celsius. The rainy season runs from October to April, while the dry season lasts from May to September.

4. What Is The Economy Of Ambon Like?

The economy of Ambon is largely based on agriculture and fishing. The city is also a major trading center for the region, and has some industries such as food processing and furniture making.

5. What Is The Population Of Ambon?

The population of Ambon is approximately 400,000. The vast majority of the population is Indonesian, with small minority groups of Chinese, Ambonese, and other ethnicities.

6. What Are The Tourist Attractions In Ambon?

Some of the tourist attractions in Ambon include the colonial-era fortifications, the beautiful beaches, and the nearby Banda Islands, which are a popular diving and snorkeling destination.

7. What Is The Best Time To Visit Ambon?

The best time to visit Ambon is during the dry season from May to September. However, the city can be visited year-round, although the rainy season may make some outdoor activities difficult.

8. What Is The Food Like In Ambon?

The food in Ambon is a mix of Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. There are many seafood dishes available, as well as traditional Indonesian staples such as nasi goreng (fried rice) and ayam goreng (fried chicken).

9. What Is The Nightlife Like In Ambon?

Ambon has a lively nightlife scene, with many bars and nightclubs located in the city center. There is a wide range of music available, from traditional Indonesian music to modern Western pop.

10. What Are The Shopping Opportunities In Ambon?

There are many shopping opportunities in Ambon, from traditional markets to modern malls. The city is known for its pearl jewelry, and there are also many shops selling traditional Indonesian crafts and souvenirs.

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