Acheng is a great city for kids! There are a ton of kid-friendly activities to keep little ones entertained. For starters, the Acheng Zoo is a great place to visit. Kids will love seeing all the different animals, and the zoo also has a playground and a petting zoo. Older kids might enjoy exploring the Acheng Museum, which has a variety of historical exhibits. If your kids are into sports, the Acheng Sports Complex offers a variety of facilities, including a swimming pool, several basketball courts, and a football field. And last but not least, no visit to Acheng would be complete without checking out the Acheng Water Park. Kids can splash around in the water slides and pools, and there’s also a lazy river for relaxing floats.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Acheng, China

1. Visit the Chengdu Panda Base: The Chengdu Panda Base is a non-profit research and breeding facility for giant pandas and other rare animals.
2. Visit the Leshan Giant Buddha: The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world.
3. Take a ride on the Chengdu Metro: The Chengdu Metro is a modern, efficient, and clean way to get around the city.
4. Visit Tianfu Square: Tianfu Square is the largest urban square in China and the site of many events and festivals.
5. Visit the Jinli Old Street: The Jinli Old Street is a well-preserved ancient street with a variety of shops and restaurants.
6. Visit the Wenshu Monastery: The Wenshu Monastery is a Buddhist temple with a large collection of scriptures and artifacts.
7. Visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation System: The Dujiangyan Irrigation System is an ancient irrigation system that is still in use today.
8. Visit the Sanxingdui Museum: The Sanxingdui Museum is a museum devoted to the artifacts of the ancient Sanxingdui culture.
9. Visit the Jinsha Site Museum: The Jinsha Site Museum is a museum dedicated to the archaeological site of the ancient Jinsha culture.
10. Visit the People’s Park: The People’s Park is a large park in the center of the city that is popular for its ponds, pavilions, and gardens.


1. What Is The Population Of Acheng?

The population of Acheng is approximately 3.5 million people.

2. What Is The Average Temperature In Acheng?

The average temperature in Acheng is 22 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is The Best Time To Visit Acheng?

The best time to visit Acheng is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is milder.

4. What Are The Top Attractions In Acheng?

Some of the top attractions in Acheng include the Wansheng Rice Terraces, the Acheng Forest Park, and the Acheng Museum.

5. How Do I Get Around Acheng?

There are a variety of ways to get around Acheng, including by bus, taxi, or bicycle.

6. What Are Some Of The Local Cuisine Specialties In Acheng?

Some of the local cuisine specialties in Acheng include rice dishes, noodles, and dumplings.

7. What Is The Nightlife Like In Acheng?

The nightlife in Acheng is relatively low-key, with most establishments closing by midnight.

8. What Are Some Shopping Tips For Acheng?

Some shopping tips for Acheng include haggling for prices and being aware of fake goods.

9. What Are Some Safety Tips For Acheng?

Some safety tips for Acheng include being cautious of pickpockets and scammers.

10. What Are The Entry Requirements For Acheng?

The entry requirements for Acheng are a valid passport and a visa.

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