Kid Friendly Things To Do In Abbotsford, Canada

There are plenty of kid friendly activities to take part in while in Abbotsford, Canada. A few popular destinations include the Castle Fun Park, which features Mini Golf, Batting Cages, and go-karts; Splashdown, a waterpark with plenty of slides and pools; and Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery, where kids can learn about and feed the fish. There are also plenty of kid-centered events held throughout the year, such as the Abbotsford Children’s Festival and the Abbotsford Airshow. For a more unique experience, kids can go on a grape picking adventure at one of the many local vineyards or enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through historic downtown. No matter what your interests are, there is sure to be something for everyone in Abbotsford, Canada.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Abbotsford, Canada

1. Visit the Abbotsford Zoo

The Abbotsford Zoo is a great place to take kids. They can see a variety of animals, from lions and tigers to bears and giraffes. There is also a petting zoo, where kids can get up close and personal with some of the animals.

2. Go to the Abbotsford Recreation Centre

The Abbotsford Recreation Centre is a great place to take kids to burn off some energy. There is a swimming pool, a climbing wall, a gymnasium, and a variety of other activities.

3. Visit the Abbotsford Arts Centre

The Abbotsford Arts Centre is a great place to take kids to see a variety of art. There are often art classes available, as well as performances and exhibits.

4. Go to the Abbotsford Sports Complex

The Abbotsford Sports Complex is a great place to take kids to watch or participate in a variety of sports. There is a hockey rink, a baseball diamond, a soccer field, and a track.

5. Visit the Abbotsford Recreation Park

The Abbotsford Recreation Park is a great place to take kids to play. There is a playground, a splash pad, a pool, and a variety of sports fields.

6. Go to the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre

The Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre is a great place to take kids to watch a variety of sporting events and concerts. There is also a restaurant and a bar.

7. Visit the Abbotsford Farmers Market

The Abbotsford Farmers Market is a great place to take kids to get fresh fruits and vegetables. There are often live music and entertainment, as well as a variety of food vendors.

8. Go to the Abbotsford


1. What Is The Population Of Abbotsford?

The population of Abbotsford is approximately 85,000.

2. What Is The Median Household Income In Abbotsford?

The median household income in Abbotsford is $70,996.

3. What Is The Cost Of Living In Abbotsford?

The cost of living in Abbotsford is relatively affordable. The average cost of a home is $460,000 and the average monthly rent is $1,600.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Abbotsford?

The climate in Abbotsford is mild and dry. The average summer temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and the average winter temperature is -2 degrees Celsius.

5. What Is The Average Rainfall In Abbotsford?

The average rainfall in Abbotsford is 725 mm.

6. What Is The Average Snowfall In Abbotsford?

The average snowfall in Abbotsford is 120 cm.

7. What Are The Main Industries In Abbotsford?

The main industries in Abbotsford are agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, and tourism.

8. What Are The Top Employers In Abbotsford?

The top employers in Abbotsford are the Abbotsford School District, Fraser Valley Health Authority, City of Abbotsford, and University of the Fraser Valley.

9. What Are The Main Attractions In Abbotsford?

The main attractions in Abbotsford are the Abbotsford Centre, Abbotsford Heat, Abbotsford Arts Centre, and Abbotsford Recreation Centre.

10. What Are The Schools In Abbotsford Like?

The schools in Abbotsford are highly rated and offer a variety of programs. The most popular schools are Abbotsford Senior Secondary, Robert Bateman Secondary, W.J. Mouat Secondary, and Abbotsford Traditional Secondary.

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