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The year winter is coming, and you are thinking how to protect your hair extensions and keep it healthy this season? If you are in need the answer to the question, which we are discussing here, then we must say that you are at the right place. Your beautiful hair can lock your beauty getting the threat from the cold and wind outside in this season, and if you use extensions, then you must know to protect and keep your hair extension healthy this winter.

It does not matter whether you have a short or long hair. It does not matter if you like styling it along or going to a classy hair using a quality hair extension. In the time the weather, better to say winter starts getting worst, you need to start taking immediate precaution and keep your extension healthy with some special care of your hair. Albeit, there are many different simple tricks by which you can easily and quickly improve and strengthen your hair sans much effort. Let us discuss some of the best winter tips that you like to try this season.

Use a Scarf or a Hat to Protect Hair

Do not forget to use a scarf or a hat to protect your hair always, especially this season for which we are talking about. Whether you wish to protect your hair from the adverse effects of cold as well as wet winter weather, we strictly advise you to style it with a hat or a good quality scarf. You should be careful while using a scarf and the type of head accessory you are about to select. The hat or scarf you use should not be tight as well as restrict the circulation of the scalp. One thing you should bear in mind is that you should know that wool or cotton, or other things might cause breakage. You can use a silk scarf that would help you blowout in a perfect condition, so in the time at your way and remove it, you would have the perfect hairdo for sure.

Do not go out with wet hair or just after a bath

You should not go outside with wet hair or just after a bath. You might like to have your air over-styling, but in this winter is not recommended. You can take some time to blow-dry it, or you can do it naturally prior to go outside or your work. In winter, your hair will take much time to get wet and you will feel cold than usual because of wet hair, because the longer the time it takes to dry the worse it may freeze.

Wash your hair properly

There is a perfect way to wash your hair, and you should not fail to do in time every after a bath. As usual, you do in other seasons; you should do in winter in the same way. You must know the reason to do it because the weather outside is colder and it does not mean that you have to switch to hot water to make your new routine. You may apply hot water, but not throughout the winter because it can damage your scalp.

Not to Over-Heat the Hair

Avoid heat treatment on your hair in this season. Oh, you can do once or twice, but not many times. You should know the heat treatment is not good for your hair and makes the hair dry and prone to breaking as well as split ends. If you want to know more about heat treatment, you can discuss your beauty expert about it. He or she may tell you about it and will not advise you to go with it with wet hair. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to dry hair right away.

To sum it up, the women who have curl, relaxed or textured strands should select day-to-day moisture process. It can apply with a serum or light oil that is rich in omega-fatty-acids as well as leave it overnight, which would nourish as well as hydrate the hair. Whether you follow these four simple, yet effective tips, you would surely get your hair thrive in the harsh winter conditions. In addition to these tips, we are suggesting you go for a darker color and try to forgo platinum for a while.

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Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hair - Brazilian Hair Extensions Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in the hairdressing industry.