Have the past few months of lockdown left you feeling low and lethargic? If so, it could be that you’re in desperate need of some exercise. Working out is one of the best things that you can do to tend to both your physical and mental health, so what are you waiting for? Get your blood pumping and you’ll start to feel more like your old self in no time!

For advice on what you must do to kickstart your personal fitness journey, be sure to read on.

Start Small

Trying too much, too quickly will result in burnout in both a physical and mental capacity — there’s no doubt about that. Once this happens, you’ll find it difficult to find the motivation you need to push on with your fitness journey, which will ultimately see it come to an abrupt end before it’s even really got going.

When you decide to take the plunge and begin your fitness journey, it’s essential that you start small. As stated at Healthline, here are the initial steps that you should take if you are a beginner in the world of exercise:

  • Draw up a plan and set yourself realistic goals (you aren’t going to be running a marathon in a week!)
  • Make exercise a habit and get into a workout routine that works for you
  • Ensure that you give yourself time to rest
  • Remain hydrated at all times when working out
  • Optimize your nutrition by consuming a balanced diet that supports your specific workout program
  • Warm up before physical exertion, cool down after it
  • Listen to your body and be mindful of your limits

Lower Your Stress Levels

If you’re serious about kickstarting your fitness journey, you must make a conscious effort to tend to both your body and your mind. Looking after your mental health is just as important as tending to your physical condition, which is why you should actively attempt to manage your stress levels.

Sorting out your finances is one of the most important things you can do in this instance. Once your money woes and fiscal problems are taken care of, you’ll stand a much better chance of being able to live a life that is devoid of stress and worry.

If you want to get yourself out of financial trouble and finally start living the stress-free life that you deserve, you must:

  • Never fall behind on your bills: if this means that you have to borrow money from a reputable loan provider like Cashlady so that you can pay off your most important debts, so be it
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Stop using credit cards
  • Curb your everyday spending habits (do you really need to purchase a coffee from Starbucks every day?)

Set Yourself a Challenge

If you find your motivation wavering shortly after you embark on your fitness journey, you might want to consider setting yourself a challenge. This will give you something to work towards, which in turn, will make you feel more inclined to work out even when times get tough.

If you’re stuck for inspiration with regard to the challenge you wish to set yourself, be sure to consider the ones listed below:

  • Run or walk a marathon
  • Do a 5-day desk detox
  • Go alcohol free for a month
  • Cycle 30 miles
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