Traveling is a special experience. Whether it be for one who is starting out and has just begun to experience the joy of it, or for a seasoned traveler who takes pleasure in traveling and has a necessity or a wanderlust to keep hitting the road using car or motorcycle and exploring new places she hasn’t been to.

Traveling, however, is incomplete without food, and traveling without food on you is a no-no. With the recent trend of eating healthy, there has been a significant innovation in improving food preparation for health purposes.

Here are 10 healthy foods and snacks that are perfect for road travel:


Apples are the perfect snack. They provide ample nutrition in the form of vitamins, carbs, and water and are also extremely filling. Munching on an apple whenever you feel your batteries running out is sure to get you up and running again in no time. They are an experienced traveler’s first choice.


Although they are seasonal, dates are some of the most filling dried fruits you could ask for. Carrying dates on a trip is an excellent idea because of the healthy calories it provides to keep our engine going, as well as its taste and ability to satiate hunger. Dates are like sweet fuel for the traveler.

Celery sticks

Containing minimal calories, Celery sticks still manage to keep us going because of how well they fill our stomach. They contain fiber which absorbs water from the digestive tract, which leads to us feel full. For a filling and healthy snack, celery sticks are a great option.

Granola bars

Contrary to some news you may hear, granola bars are packed with nutrients, including macronutrients like protein and carbs. With the innovative ways in which granola bars are created with chocolate and other tasty ingredients, it ensures that a full granola bar provides optimum nutrition as well as flavor to keep our hunger in check.

Hummus and pita bread

A classic Mediterranean combo and easy to carry, hummus and pita bread is a perfect travel snack. Whenever we feel tired and like we need a bite, simply dipping pita bread into hummus and munching on it ensures protein and healthy fats for our body, as well as a full stomach to go with it!

Cheese and boiled potato

A perfect combination taste-wise, this snack can provide you with a calorie boost and is a delicious composition of flavors. Potato and cheese are two filling foods, and naturally when consumed together work perfectly in tandem to form a treat of a travel snack that can also be carried efficiently.

Homemade muffins

If baking is your thing, this is what you should be looking to carry. While baking, we can alter the sugar content in the muffins so as to keep it healthy, but we must make sure to not cancel out the sugar content completely as it has calories that energize us. Muffins are filling, delicious, and can be carried easily in boxes. Another excellent travel snack.

Chocolate covered nuts

Adding a coating of dark chocolate to anything is likely to taste delicious. However, with nuts such as almonds, chocolate takes it to another level of taste. Non-sweet chocolate adds healthy calories and makes it irresistible. Carrying these on the road ensures that our appetite, as well as our metabolism, is satisfied.

Whole grain cookies

Whole grain is a source of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs, and hence is the complete nutrient bomb. Making whole grain cookies and regulating the ingredients as desired makes for an efficient and healthy snack, which can be made to taste delicious. Carrying some natural protein foods is certainly a good idea.

Flavored milk

A classic example of a drink to go with a snack, a healthy milkshake or flavored almond milk makes for a nutritious and filling drink. It is excellent to keep handy in one’s backpack while on a motorcycle or car road trip and drink whenever needed. It provides calories and vitamins as well as fills us up, and is soothing on our palette.

A road trip, with healthy, nutritious food in bagfuls is enjoyable to the extreme, with our enthusiasm as well as energy limits maxed out. Be it a car or a motorcycle road trip, having healthy hunger fixes with you to munch on from time to time helps maintain the fun factor in traveling and also keeps us nourished and active. Life on the road is one with limited resources, and one should know how to maximize home food potential with simple but effective snacking.







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