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Let’s have a moment of silence for those people who work on the weekends. I really do sympathize with them.

Where Monday conjures up feelings of dread, Friday is like a soothing balm that you just want to keep on applying. It’s the drug you need to remain sane and survive.

It’s a delicious chocolate Sunday on a hot summer morning.

It’s the exceptionally tall glass of wine… one like “Lou” that was worshipped in Cougar Town.

Friday is anticipation, joy, pleasure, sleep, alcohol, the finest chocolate from Switzerland and many other things that you want every day. Enjoy your weekend while it lasts or you will regret it!

Following are ten funny Friday memes that will end your workday on a good note:

1. Procrastination at Its Peak

Let’s do this shit right now… said every person on a Friday!

On Fridays, we might as well be babies without a care in the world. The enthusiasm is there for sure. Big plans are made with the victory already celebrated and as soon as everything is finalized, it’s “see ya”.

2. Yaassss!

Ooh, ooh… Gimme! Friday is like Robert Downey Junior’s smile, the way he jokes, his swag in the Iron Man movies, his intellect in Sherlock Holmes and more combined in one neat package.

If Friday had a face, then it would be this guy and… alright, maybe Thor, Captain America and Bucky all rolled into one. Sadly, we have none of those traits, so we are content with our dreams that we have on a Friday, in broad day light.

3. I am Clocking Out, I am Clocking Out, I AM CLOCKING OUT

Remember that song “My Church” by Marren Morris. Now sing it with the following lyrics:

Can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen.

Today’s Friday and I’m so through ya

Will be lying on my bed, for the weekend

Ok, maybe I went a little off key but you do get my intentions, right? My sweet bed is calling my name and I am gonna be in it forever… well, until Monday comes.

4. Leave Me Alone

It’s Friday and you are just being you – doing nothing. The doorbell rings and after a few seconds of contemplating whether you should let the intruder in or not, your jobless friend walks in yapping about how this is going to be the best weekend eva.

And you are like – nah, homie! If you don’t get out of my sight right now, I am gonna end you.

5. Run

Do you know that feeling when the clock ticks 5:30 P.M. and you can’t stop yourself from slamming your laptop lid and hightailing out of the office? If you could hold Friday by the hand, then you would never let it go. You would wear it like a talisman or run with it like a toddler, who is trying to outrun her mom.

You get what we are trying to say, right?

6. Where’s My Glass?

Have you seen that “mom meme”, in which a mom with no kids looks like a supermodel and the one with 4 kids looks like someone ran her over with a car?

Well, Fridays and Mondays are exactly like that! You are the Barbie in a Fairy Tale and your husband is Robert De Niro from The God Father. Friday starts with all the posh and lots of booze. The alcohol keeps flowing and the satisfaction of not working the next day doesn’t stop… until Sunday is about to end, and so is your fun day.

Now that does rhyme but it surely doesn’t bring you any pleasure!

7. What Are You Up To?

We all like to think that we are Loki, the king of mischief. The weekday is spent making big plans and what not. When the weekend arrives, you forget all about it and indulge in your bowl of Ben & Jerries. It’s then your friend arrives with a smile on his face.

Your answer: an equally mischievous smile and a big fat NO sitting on the tip of your tongue, ready to get out and blast your friend. After all, Friday is a holy day and nothing is gonna get in between you and your couch.

8. Can I Get You a Drink?

So, you do manage to have a night out on Friday with your friends. There you are – having a great time without any boys and this dude, who is old enough to be your father, slides up to you and offers you a drink. Where you see a pervy-perv perv, he sees a harem of girls who are ripe for the picking.

Can’t they just leave you alone?

Well, the short answer is NO.

9. What? I Can’t Hear You

You are at work and its Friday. You know what that means— do take calls but try to wiggle your way out of helping a customer. Do pacify the person on the other end of the line, just don’t talk for long or it might result in transferring calls and you staying back after everyone has clocked out.

For God’s sake, it’s Friday!

10. I Got No Time for Your Bullshit, Linda!

Remember that Kid that kept arguing with his mom or maybe, his nanny? I feel the same way on a Friday when the boss’s secretary comes with some work that needs to be done.

Me: Linda, don’t you have a life!

Linda: The boss is waiting.


If it’s Friday, then go home! These memes are relatable, but they ain’t going to bring you the peace you are looking for.

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