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You are a true nerd when you see a meme and all you can think about is sharing it with your best friend.

You are a true nerd when you are randomly walking in a shopping center isle and a label makes you laugh out loud.

You are a true nerd when you can’t socialize on your own and feel awkward but the moment your fellow nerd enters the building, you are ready to bring down the house or raise the roof – woot, woot.

Whether it’s at work or school, you will meet a person in your life who will have all the answers and knows how to tackle a situation in a calm manner by following statistics. We call that “Nerd Alert”. You are an introvert, can’t connect with people in a crowd and say the most awkward things but that one friend likes you just the way you are.

From weird expressions to witty jokes and snorting… if you want to celebrate your nerd-ism with a good laugh, then check out the following nerd memes:

1. I Too Live… Dangerously

Homework is like Sunday Church to nerds. They simply can’t stop themselves from doing it. So, when they try to “live dangerously”, it’s so far away from the mark.

Nerds are always the first and that’s just how they roll. Submitting an assignment at the last minute and being the only one standing last in the class is what they call driving on the wrong side of the road.

2. Oh, Oh, Oh Me

Spot the nerd:

Wears glasses? Check.

Sits at the front of the class? Check.

Always does the homework? Check.

Raises her hand even before the teacher finishes saying the question? Check.

Feels good to have all the answers, right? Haters gonna hate but at least you are at the top of your game.

3. I Know a Better Way

Mark: I just bought a brand new PC and it’s the bomb! It cost me just $1,200.

Samuel [Resident Nerd]: Are you kidding me? You could have bought a way better ROM and RAM in just $1,000. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who is tight with this dude and he could have hooked you up. All you needed to do was… blah, blah, blah.

And this goes on forever!

You can never win a computer fight with a nerd.

4. Brutality at Its Peak

Have you ever watched two nerds fight? Oh wait, you actually have been in them a lot. All we can say is that, “Buddy, you gotta be a little more brutal!”

You won’t be winning any wars by pushing your arch nemesis. You have to devise a plan and then play it in the long run.

5. The Flirt Is On

Even the cat is afraid of your “flirt mode”. The lisp, braces and hair drenched in gel are not helping either! To you, this might sound like the snazziest flirting line but trust us, it’s not!

6. Let Me Show You a Good Time

Love and homework are two words that nerds… love. The slow curves, the addition and subtraction with the satisfying results, the sigh of relief when you put the last touches on your kick-ass project… all these accomplishments are nothing short of achieving nirvana.

And if someone, especially your fellow nerd friend, writes two extra pages for the assignment… well, it’s like someone just yanked your heart out.

7. I Am a GENIUS

It’s a universal truth that even when nerds don’t study, they ace everything. You are like Mark Zuckerberg, Einstein and Bill Gates all rolled into one, so be proud of it. Where others can’t come up with a single solution to an easy question, you come up with a dozen.

Just turn down the “show” a notch because others don’t like it.

8. The Best Pickup Line Ever

If you have watched Big Bang Theory, then you know that being a nerd is all the rage.

When you make new friends, proudly introduce them to your nerd gang the Wolowitz way, “Say fo-shizzle to my nerdizzles”. If he can get someone as smart and sexy as Bernadette, then there’s hope for you, but not with the game that you have going on.

The age-old pickup line with Google as your wingman is so outdated that even thinking about it makes you a nerd of the highest order… more so than you already are.

Google more pickup lines and make your game stronger. See what we did there?

9. Play On Words

Nerd fights are absolutely hilarious.

Class Bully: You are such a nerd.

Me: Well, you are an ambulance making whinny noises.

Class Bully [Looking at Me As if I Have a Few Circuits Loose]: You walk like a girl. Are you sure you are a boy?

Me: Yeah, well, you are a wiener!

Ooh… burn. As far as disses go, this one was a little better (NOT). You still need some work… ok, a lot! Just thank God that you are not as “good” as your friend.

10. Oh, I Know

Last but not least – be proud of your nerd-ism. At least you know that you are better than all those class bullies. While you will be running a successful company that develops apps, your bully classmates will be fixing cars in a shop or worst, washing them.

You saved all the memes to send to your nerd friend, didn’t you? We thought so. Have a good laugh while comparing notes because there will be plenty.

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