Dummy over rocks

The best way to forget about life struggles is with a good tickle fest on the good-old funny bone. Here are some great memes that will turn that frown upside down and make what you are going through a little easier to bear:


That stank face you make when you don’t want to sneeze or cough on your date’s face. Needless to say, it completely ruined my chances. I swear I didn’t have tuberculosis! Please don’t leave me I’m so lonely! I just breathe in spurts.


Trying to keep my incredibly healthy and active toddler from moving about during a nasty diaper change is a whole workout in and of itself. I swear my biceps have never been this ripped! A couple of years more and leg day can be done at home running after a half-naked kid who is allergic to clothes.


I hate this! I sent that text hours ago and you reply now when I am ready to drift off? That text should be a foot long and someone should be dying or asking for blood or something at this hour. So what if I won’t remember what you wrote the next day? If I see a single ‘k’ on the screen, someone is not getting invited to my cat’s birthday party!


Mr. Gibble’s Economic class never failed to put me to sleep. His droning voice was just the right pitch to send anyone to snooze-land. He once spotted me with this same face drifting off and drooling from one side of my mouth. Rather than yelling at me, he had the ultimate revenge. He just took a picture of me and uploaded it on Instagram. I am officially a part of meme culture.


Nothing is more silent than a toddler who is trying to stick a fork in a light socket. Don’t let that innocent smile and big eyes fool you! They know exactly what they are doing and the moment your back’s turned, they are going to do it again. I’ve developed hyper-sensitive hearing because of my over-adventurous kids!


I laughed more than I should have. No, just because I look fine on the outside doesn’t mean that I am ok on the inside Karen! What’s that? Plan’s been canceled? Oh, that’s too bad – I say while giggling hysterically as that huge boulder of dread disappears from my shoulders.


Some people just don’t take the hint. I blocked you on Facebook for a reason and no, it wasn’t because I have no idea why I added you in the first place. Take the hint and be done with it. Unblocking should be a sign that you are not a nice person to be around or I just can’t deal with your negativity anymore. Just be grateful I was nice enough not to say it to your face.


I just do that because I want to see if the driver looks as dumb as he drives. Pull-over if you have to take that call or better yet, take an Uber or a Lyft and do us all a favor. If you drink while driving, shame on you. If you have screaming kids in the car, I feel you though. I can get a bit of a potty mouth when I encounter negligent drivers though but that’s on me.


This is the worst especially when you are bingeing Friends before it disappears from Netflix forever. One time I didn’t have WiFi for a whole day and finally got to know the people I was living with better. My parents seem like nice folks. But the moment the internet was back on, I didn’t seem them for hours. Does that make me a bad kid?


The older you get the smaller your social circle gets. It may be painful in the beginning but honestly, the relief you feel as you let go of toxic people can be invigorating. So if you smile to my face and stab me in the back later, you are gone so fast you won’t know what happened. It’s better for both of us.


Laugh all you want but nothing can compare to that pain! That’s why I never misjudge a narrow gap no matter how large it looks like. If I stub my small toe, I will scream bloody murder, feel as if I am dying, draft my last will in my head, and say goodbye to this cruel world. So what if I look like a big crybaby?


Work-life balance is overrated, to be honest. Think about it. Even if you work your butt off to make good money, you are so tired at the end that you can’t even spend it well. You won’t even have time to do that, so what are you earning for?


I broke out in a sweat when I hear that song. Stretching my face into a painful smile waiting for my family to get to the end with their off-key voices is a special kind of hell. I can’t get out of that chair fast enough when it’s over even when I was a kid.


They will smell what the Rock’s cooking pretty soon, I’ll tell you that. I spend ages cooking, and just because I volunteered to wash the dishes, it doesn’t mean I have the energy to spare! Place that crusty plate in the sink just before I’m done. I dare you!


This happens more often than you may think especially when I have had too many sodas before going to bed. Even if I emptied my bladder right before hitting the sack, I know I’m getting up in half an hour again after getting cozy! It can be especially hard during winter. I can’t tell you how many times I begged my bladder to hang on while sprinting to the bathroom in sub-zero temperatures. Spoiler alert – I wasn’t always successful.

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