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I love a good meme in the morning with a cup of coffee…there’s no better way to start the day. I think the only thing I love more than laughing at memes is eating while laughing at memes. It goes without saying that I live for some real, top notch food memes. Here are eighteen food memes that really take the cake.

Let’s kick this list off with a classic…


pizza dog food meme

You can’t go wrong with fitness dog! He speaks my language with that fitness regimen. By fitness whole pizza in my mouth, I’m still following my New Year’s resolution…right? Speaking of healthy living and diets, I think Alice was onto something in this next one.


funny cartoon about food

Okay, so maybe I care later, when I’m trying to zip up that dress I love. But in the moment? Don’t talk to me about how many calories a whole Daiya pizza has, K? I can read. I just choose not to. And while we’re dissecting my eating habits…


funny photo about food

This one’s for all of you who love both grammar AND food – I know I’m definitely one of those people. Why choose pizza over a burger, when you can just have pizza first, and a burger second? The world is ours for the taking, people! We just have to believe in ourselves – and how much our bellies can handle.


meme about beets

While we’re playing with words here, these beets are just too cute! I just hope down beet spends some time with up beet to feel a little better. I’m especially loving the sick beet’s sad little face! And since we’re on the subject of vegetables…


organic food meme

This lil meme throws back to our grandparents, before corporations controlled most of our farms. *Sigh* sounds like a dream of the past, eh? Maybe, if we ask really nicely, our grandparents can tell us all about this ancient history of “organic foods” and “fresh vegetables”.


funny meme about kiwis and mice

I think we’ve all been obsessed with these, lately, right? Is it a cute little mouse baby, or a kiwi? I can’t even tell! The question is, does it even matter? When they’re that round and soft, aren’t they all just adorable?


funny pic of cats and food

Okay, okay. It’s hard to stop with these. But just look at these kittens next to this ice cream! Which is which? Those two sleeping kittens in the middle are almost TOO cute – and happen to look the most like ice cream. Maybe it’s the closed eyes?


funny pic comparing bagels and dogs

This is the last one of these, I promise! It’s also the most convincing. These bagel dogs are literally perfect animals. We don’t deserve them – or those delicious bagels. Some of these are truly difficult to tell apart! The top row stumped me for a good minute the first time I saw them.


funny photo about food

This little running duckling is me in Costco when they’re doling out samples every. single. time. Especially when you’re going down the dips or pasta aisles. Make way, this hungry duck’s comin’ thru!


funny pic about eating

This is always me. When I’m eating those Costco samples, or out on a date, I eat one fry at a time, or a reasonable amount of noodles. Catch me alone, though, and I can scarf about fifteen fries at once – ditto on popcorn!

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hilarious food image

We’ve all been there, buddy. It’s ok. You try to be cool and order “Thai Hot” at dinner – next thing you know, you’re guzzling water so fast the server just leaves a pitcher there. It could only be worse if your date is thinking what the next meme is…


comical food meme

Sad to admit it, but haven’t we all also been here too? I know college me was all about those first (or second) dates, as long as there was food involved. And ok, maybe I needed someone to buy me food every once and a while because my life is a lot like this next meme.


comical food picture

Every time I check my bank account on my phone, I ask myself: did I really need that extra appetizer? The answer is always, without a doubt, yes. And when the bank account gets low because of all that food…


comical food image

It’s all in how you prepare it, right? When you’re still a few days away from pay day, you can make all that weird stuff from the freezer fancy, if you just plate it right. Don’t have anything in the freezer? Don’t worry, there’s always peanut butter & jelly…


funny image about food

Like I said, the magic’s all in how you present your food! That PB&J looks a whole lot more gourmet if you tweak the phrasing just a pinch.


funny picture about food

I don’t know about you all, but there’s no such thing as too much hot sauce. I like a little danger in my life, not knowing if I can make it through the meal without bursting into flames. Keeps me on my toes. And if it’s so hot I cry? Even better!


funny food meme

While I love crying from the heat, I don’t love crying because of how hangry I’ve gotten. There’s nothing worse than when you’re famished and all you have is uncooked pasta, raw eggplant, unpopped popcorn, or – worst of all – dried beans.


Kitty food meme

But best of all…when someone saves the day with ready food. Feeding a hangry person is really love in its purest form. Just look at that cat’s face! I know she knows how I feel.

Nothing like food memes to get me starving! I’m off to the fridge to scrounge something up. What are your favorite food memes?

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