25 Fifty Shades of Gray Memes

Whether you thought Fifty Shades of Gray was a steamy romance, a twisted tale of manipulation, or a far fetched love story, there are plenty of memes about the movie. No matter if you’re a fan or foe, you’re going to find these to be funny memes.


Little known fact – Fifty Shades of Gray was developed from popular Twilight fanfiction. Seems like a bit of a stretch from vampires to…what goes on in Fifty Shades of Gray, but…I guess Twilight fans have a vivid – and kinky – imagination.


You have to love it when a bookstore has a sense of humor. Perhaps they should have included some books on contract law, too?


This is a creative story about what consenting adults do. It’s not at all like those adult films. Right? Keep telling yourself that Suzy Suburbs.


For the love of God, please don’t see Fifty Shades of Gray with your grandmother. Or your mother. Or anyone in your family for that matter.


Drake’s going to need to read the Bible after seeing Fifty Shades of Gray with his mom. Or possibly therapy.


Adults only in Christian Gray’s playhouse. Although, after Pee-wee Herman’s conviction, the same rules might apply for him, too.


Not saying this is a bad idea, but I would suggest not trying this at home. Unless you really want to try this at home.


True statement.


Let’s hope Wilson wasn’t in on any of this action. It did get pretty lonely on that island.


And while you’re at it, get off my lawn.


This is the PG version, I think? Makes me want to go redecorate something.


Forget lingerie and chocolates – they way to a woman’s heart is through…chicken nuggets?


Too bad legal documents aren’t all that sexy.


He’s hunky in his own way, right? And who doesn’t like a good cup of tea?


Round of applause to all of the people dragged to see this movie against their will.


Dating is overrated anyway. Imaginary boyfriends cost less and are definitely less drama.


You put what, where?


Hold still, I want to give you a little nibble on your ears. And bark irrationally at you when you get home from work.


Some things should be left to the professionals. Or actors.


Unfortunately, I’ve got an army of Mr. Gray invading. But my hair stylist will never tell.


Crazy cat lady approved. But kittens are more like 87% naughty.


This is much more likely to be a reality. #mombod


This is a clever pun. As Bob Barker used to say, always spay and neuter your pets. Your animal ones. Not your human ones.


Who else has 50 shades? Me, because I’ve lost at least that many pairs in the abyss of my car, purse, or junk drawer.


And finally, brunettes rule!

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