Now, there are a lot of weird skincare treatments out there. A lot of the time it even feels as though what we’re reading online has been pulled straight from the pages of Harry Potter, with more and more strange-sounding skin remedies emerging. The funny thing is, a lot of these actually work. The real problem comes with determining which of these remedies are the real deal and which are just a load of baloney made up by hopeful entrepreneurs to make themselves a little bit of extra cash.

Snail secretions fall straight into this category- my first guess would be that you, much like how I used to feel, think that snails being served up as food is weird enough. How can the secretions for such a strange little creature possibly help with skincare? You’ll be surprised to hear that it actually does, so read on to find out how. 

So what part of the snail is it we’re actually talking about? Snail secretion filtrate, the stuff that these kinds of products are made from, is more or less the trails that snails leave behind them. Yeah, we really mean that- the slimy little trails that snails leave behind them are what these products are made from. This might sound a bit disgusting, but it can have its benefits. In fact, people as far back as Ancient Greece was using this filtrate as a cure for inflammation and other similar conditions. 

Now, we hope you’re familiar with some of the common ingredients in skincare products. Snail secretions are full of a lot of them, and they all have pretty long names. These ingredients include glycoprotein enzymes, copper and antimicrobial peptides, proteoglycans and a few more. A lot of these kinds of materials are really common in the makeup of popular skin products, so it should come as no surprise that snail secretions actually can work effectively at treating your skin. 

The secretions which are used for skincare products are mostly taken from garden snails, which are the kind you’ll usually see slithering around in your hometown. While cruel methods have been used in the past to extract these secretions, it’s now common practice to treat them fairly and that a healthy snail produces a healthier secretion. 

Now, there are a lot of benefits to using snail secretions as a form of skincare. They can help with a wide variety of different conditions, which is a real boost if you suffer from more than one yourself. These include helping get rid of sunspots, increased collagen production, acne prevention/curing and helping to repair damaged skin. All of these conditions are fairly common, so it’s no surprise to us that snail secretions have shot to prominence. It offers a natural way to help all of these conditions, which is better than a cream stuffed to the brim with chemicals. 

Snail secretion serums are also really cheap compared to other skin creams. They aren’t part of a big fancy brand and don’t pretend to be something they aren’t; they’re simply a natural element that can be used to greatly benefit your skincare routine.

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