cold or dark?

It can be really difficult to get motivated in the winter months, those blankets are awfully heavy. But, I’ve gotten to be pretty good at getting out of bed and starting my day in the dark. At this point, it’s really only getting light after I’ve worked out, had coffee and showered and am finally dressed. That’s a lot of stuff to get done while it’s still dark.

In fact, I like the dark when I’m working out, it’s seems more peaceful, but, now I’ve got a new problem. It’s pretty cold at 5:00 in the morning. I usually work out in a sports bra and shorts. No one sees me, it’s easy and far less laundry needs to be done.

But, it’s cold!

I’m a self admitted weather wimp and I hate the cold. So, I know my definition of cold might not be up there with yours.

But, it’s still hard to get out of bed in the cold.

Which brings me to my question for the day – which is worse – cold or dark?

I pick cold for making it hard to get out of bed. The dark you seem to get use to, but the cold, just getting your feet on the floor can be too much. I try and think about my workout, about how it will make me warm and then a hot shower, but when I’m under the covers and my nose is cold, it can be so hard.

Dark is like anything, like crappy weather. You need to embrace it and just go for it. There is something very peaceful about working out in the dark, I like to feel like I’m the only one up, which in my house, is the case.

Let me know where you are with this. At least with the dark, I can turn on a light but the cold! Can’t work out in my parka.

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