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A Cat Meme

Happy Friday Memes

Let’s have a moment of silence for those people who work on the weekends. I really do sympathize with them.

Where Monday conjures up feelings of dread, Friday is like a soothing balm that you just want to keep on applying. It’s the drug you need to remain sane and survive.

It’s a delicious chocolate Sunday on a hot summer morning.

It’s the exceptionally tall glass of wine… one like “Lou” that was worshipped in Cougar Town.

Friday is anticipation, joy, pleasure, sleep, alcohol, the finest chocolate from Switzerland and many other things that you want every day. Enjoy your weekend while it lasts or you will regret it!

Following are ten funny Friday memes that will end your workday on a good note:

1. Procrastination at Its Peak

Let’s do this shit right now… said every person on a Friday!

On Fridays, we might as well be babies without a care in the world. The enthusiasm is there for sure. Big plans are made with the victory already celebrated and as soon as everything is finalized, it’s “see ya”.

2. Yaassss!

Ooh, ooh… Gimme! Friday is like Robert Downey Junior’s smile, the way he jokes, his swag in the Iron Man movies, his intellect in Sherlock Holmes and more combined in one neat package.

If Friday had a face, then it would be this guy and… alright, maybe Thor, Captain America and Bucky all rolled into one. Sadly, we have none of those traits, so we are content with our dreams that we have on a Friday, in broad day light.

3. I am Clocking Out, I am Clocking Out, I AM CLOCKING OUT

Remember that song “My Church” by Marren Morris. Now sing it with the following lyrics:

Can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen.

Today’s Friday and I’m so through ya

Will be lying on my bed, for the weekend

Ok, maybe I went a little off key but you do get my intentions, right? My sweet bed is calling my name and I am gonna be in it forever… well, until Monday comes.

4. Leave Me Alone

It’s Friday and you are just being you – doing nothing. The doorbell rings and after a few seconds of contemplating whether you should let the intruder in or not, your jobless friend walks in yapping about how this is going to be the best weekend eva.

And you are like – nah, homie! If you don’t get out of my sight right now, I am gonna end you.

5. Run

Do you know that feeling when the clock ticks 5:30 P.M. and you can’t stop yourself from slamming your laptop lid and hightailing out of the office? If you could hold Friday by the hand, then you would never let it go. You would wear it like a talisman or run with it like a toddler, who is trying to outrun her mom.

You get what we are trying to say, right?

6. Where’s My Glass?

Have you seen that “mom meme”, in which a mom with no kids looks like a supermodel and the one with 4 kids looks like someone ran her over with a car?

Well, Fridays and Mondays are exactly like that! You are the Barbie in a Fairy Tale and your husband is Robert De Niro from The God Father. Friday starts with all the posh and lots of booze. The alcohol keeps flowing and the satisfaction of not working the next day doesn’t stop… until Sunday is about to end, and so is your fun day.

Now that does rhyme but it surely doesn’t bring you any pleasure!

7. What Are You Up To?

We all like to think that we are Loki, the king of mischief. The weekday is spent making big plans and what not. When the weekend arrives, you forget all about it and indulge in your bowl of Ben & Jerries. It’s then your friend arrives with a smile on his face.

Your answer: an equally mischievous smile and a big fat NO sitting on the tip of your tongue, ready to get out and blast your friend. After all, Friday is a holy day and nothing is gonna get in between you and your couch.

8. Can I Get You a Drink?

So, you do manage to have a night out on Friday with your friends. There you are – having a great time without any boys and this dude, who is old enough to be your father, slides up to you and offers you a drink. Where you see a pervy-perv perv, he sees a harem of girls who are ripe for the picking.

Can’t they just leave you alone?

Well, the short answer is NO.

9. What? I Can’t Hear You

You are at work and its Friday. You know what that means— do take calls but try to wiggle your way out of helping a customer. Do pacify the person on the other end of the line, just don’t talk for long or it might result in transferring calls and you staying back after everyone has clocked out.

For God’s sake, it’s Friday!

10. I Got No Time for Your Bullshit, Linda!

Remember that Kid that kept arguing with his mom or maybe, his nanny? I feel the same way on a Friday when the boss’s secretary comes with some work that needs to be done.

Me: Linda, don’t you have a life!

Linda: The boss is waiting.


If it’s Friday, then go home! These memes are relatable, but they ain’t going to bring you the peace you are looking for.

Funny Nerd Memes

You are a true nerd when you see a meme and all you can think about is sharing it with your best friend.

You are a true nerd when you are randomly walking in a shopping center isle and a label makes you laugh out loud.

You are a true nerd when you can’t socialize on your own and feel awkward but the moment your fellow nerd enters the building, you are ready to bring down the house or raise the roof – woot, woot.

Whether it’s at work or school, you will meet a person in your life who will have all the answers and knows how to tackle a situation in a calm manner by following statistics. We call that “Nerd Alert”. You are an introvert, can’t connect with people in a crowd and say the most awkward things but that one friend likes you just the way you are.

From weird expressions to witty jokes and snorting… if you want to celebrate your nerd-ism with a good laugh, then check out the following nerd memes:

1. I Too Live… Dangerously

Homework is like Sunday Church to nerds. They simply can’t stop themselves from doing it. So, when they try to “live dangerously”, it’s so far away from the mark.

Nerds are always the first and that’s just how they roll. Submitting an assignment at the last minute and being the only one standing last in the class is what they call driving on the wrong side of the road.

2. Oh, Oh, Oh Me

Spot the nerd:

Wears glasses? Check.

Sits at the front of the class? Check.

Always does the homework? Check.

Raises her hand even before the teacher finishes saying the question? Check.

Feels good to have all the answers, right? Haters gonna hate but at least you are at the top of your game.

3. I Know a Better Way

Mark: I just bought a brand new PC and it’s the bomb! It cost me just $1,200.

Samuel [Resident Nerd]: Are you kidding me? You could have bought a way better ROM and RAM in just $1,000. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who is tight with this dude and he could have hooked you up. All you needed to do was… blah, blah, blah.

And this goes on forever!

You can never win a computer fight with a nerd.

4. Brutality at Its Peak

Have you ever watched two nerds fight? Oh wait, you actually have been in them a lot. All we can say is that, “Buddy, you gotta be a little more brutal!”

You won’t be winning any wars by pushing your arch nemesis. You have to devise a plan and then play it in the long run.

5. The Flirt Is On

Even the cat is afraid of your “flirt mode”. The lisp, braces and hair drenched in gel are not helping either! To you, this might sound like the snazziest flirting line but trust us, it’s not!

6. Let Me Show You a Good Time

Love and homework are two words that nerds… love. The slow curves, the addition and subtraction with the satisfying results, the sigh of relief when you put the last touches on your kick-ass project… all these accomplishments are nothing short of achieving nirvana.

And if someone, especially your fellow nerd friend, writes two extra pages for the assignment… well, it’s like someone just yanked your heart out.

7. I Am a GENIUS

It’s a universal truth that even when nerds don’t study, they ace everything. You are like Mark Zuckerberg, Einstein and Bill Gates all rolled into one, so be proud of it. Where others can’t come up with a single solution to an easy question, you come up with a dozen.

Just turn down the “show” a notch because others don’t like it.

8. The Best Pickup Line Ever

If you have watched Big Bang Theory, then you know that being a nerd is all the rage.

When you make new friends, proudly introduce them to your nerd gang the Wolowitz way, “Say fo-shizzle to my nerdizzles”. If he can get someone as smart and sexy as Bernadette, then there’s hope for you, but not with the game that you have going on.

The age-old pickup line with Google as your wingman is so outdated that even thinking about it makes you a nerd of the highest order… more so than you already are.

Google more pickup lines and make your game stronger. See what we did there?

9. Play On Words

Nerd fights are absolutely hilarious.

Class Bully: You are such a nerd.

Me: Well, you are an ambulance making whinny noises.

Class Bully [Looking at Me As if I Have a Few Circuits Loose]: You walk like a girl. Are you sure you are a boy?

Me: Yeah, well, you are a wiener!

Ooh… burn. As far as disses go, this one was a little better (NOT). You still need some work… ok, a lot! Just thank God that you are not as “good” as your friend.

10. Oh, I Know

Last but not least – be proud of your nerd-ism. At least you know that you are better than all those class bullies. While you will be running a successful company that develops apps, your bully classmates will be fixing cars in a shop or worst, washing them.

You saved all the memes to send to your nerd friend, didn’t you? We thought so. Have a good laugh while comparing notes because there will be plenty.

Clean Memes

Your grandma can use a good laugh. Those NSFW memes will only do the opposite though. Show her these pristine memes to make her happy without disowning you:


It just doesn’t make sense! Why would they change math? Math is math! MATH IS MATH! Just take 7 from 14 without going over the top. Heartbreak can be devastating but this is downright ludicrous. I screamed in frustration during class once because of this and got detention for my troubles.


Cats are weird like that. True story – I ordered an incredibly expensive cat bed from Amazon for Mr. Tibbles my extremely spoiled cat. When it arrived he refused to sit in it no matter how many times I tried to make him. That ungrateful feline made the box the bed came in his cardboard palace. I use that cat bed as a highly expensive foot warmer now.  


This is true to a fault. I hate getting up early but I promised my mom that I would start working out early. My next New Year’s resolution will be ‘stop making promises you can’t keep.’ Early morning is overrated anyway. You can’t see a thing because it’s cold out and I am pretty sure I heard someone stalking me during my run.


My cat thinks he is the cat’s meow. Laptop all set up and ready for work? He will plop down on the keyboard. It’s his bed now and has a layer of fur that wasn’t there before. It’s true what they say. Cats don’t have owners, they have staff!


I am the least athletic person I know but it wasn’t always this way. I could climb a tree faster than my friends could and was a star athlete at school. All of that changed when I reached adulthood. Now, I have to think twice before reaching for anything that’s on a high shelf!


It’s so addictive! Just give me sheets of these, leave me in a room and you won’t hear from me till all of those bubbles are popped and flat. They are also great for pranks especially if you have a roommate who is scare of everything. So I placed a sheet of bubble wrap right next to his bed when he was sleeping. I didn’t know a grown man could scream at such a high pitch.


Dogs are so sweet but they can be a handful especially during their puppy and teen years. My pooch is no exception. One time I came home and found the chewed up TV remote in his food bowl. He wouldn’t look at me when I confronted him but who could remain mad at that adorable face?


One time I spent hours going through old comic books and other stuff that I found at the back of a closet while I was supposed to be cleaning. Long story short, my house is still a mess but my memory has never been fresher. I ended up donating most of the things I found though.


My body betrays me when someone watches me dancing. I have terrible stage fright and during a panic attack, my brain forgets it’s attached to my body. It’s the same reason why I can never use a public urinal.


This is me the night after I go out with friends and I’ve had a bit too much to drink. The resulting hangover is paralyzing as it is and I feel like death warmed over. Word to the wise – don’t let your best friend convince you to a chugging contest when you can get drunk after the first beer.


My current neighbor is a gem but my last one was a nightmare. One time, he decided to install cabinets in the room above mine in the middle of the night! This went on for a week but he wasn’t done. I left when he decided to get a new


That’s me during the winter when the temperature drops outside and my electric blanket refuses to let me go. This is also me when I seriously contemplate quitting my job or call in ‘sick’ from work. The only thing that would make me get off from that toasty bed is a full bladder.


I knew I should have never told him that I wanted to lose weight and get fit! Every time he comes around I have to pretend I’m asleep or not at home. I’m already in shape. Round is a shape, right?


Not me, but a friend of mine wanted to make sure his school picture turned out amazing. That image is there forever and no one wants to show their kids that their dad was a geek at school. Long story short, he got braces a few days before the big day and the rest is history.


That’s the face my kids make when they realize that they didn’t do a lick of homework during summer vacation and school starts the next day. It quickly turns into a face of dread and horror when they see how much work they need to do before they can even think about sleeping. Their first day back at school was spent sleeping in detention.


It’s always right in front of their nose but it doesn’t exist to them till I ‘find’ it. Now I know what my mom felt when I couldn’t find my socks before school every day. Forcing my kids to clean their room and organize their stuff only made things worse. All of those neatly folded clothes are pulled out in panic-induced rage when they can’t find that single pair of jeans that they just have to wear at school. Doesn’t matter if they have three more they could wear. Nope, the flower-patterned jeans are all the rage and they’ll look ‘stupid’ wearing something else.

10 Hilarious Memes to Make You Go Lol

The worries and sorrows of life are inevitable and there isn’t much you can do to avoid them. However, when all seems lost, it is laughter that makes you feel light and rejuvenated. If you are feeling down or having a bad day, the following memes will make you laugh out loud.

Let’s sink right in.

1. Mama’s Boys Too Have a Heart

Being rejected, or worse, being put in the friendzone sucks. I know because I have been there countless times. The problem us nice guys or Mama’s boys is that they view the world from our mothers’ eyes. We never fully grow up, and whatever has been told since childhood, we believe it as the gospel. It’s annoying when the girl who means the world to you goes out with some guy who won’t treat her half as good as you can. So man up, get out there, and muster up the courage to take what’s yours.

2. You Have the Right to Remain Silent, Consider It

It’s harmless, but it is still incredibly maddening. Nothing pisses me off more than walking in a shoe that makes weird noises. The sheer confidence with which the salesman at the footwear store says the noise will go away in a week is commendable. I remember walking down the aisle during a conference with my boots whining “aye…aye”, and every corporate head turning around to see what was wrong. Man, it was certainly the most embarrassing moment of my life.

3. Once a Loner Always a Loner

Anxiety isn’t a joke and only the people who have been there know what it feels like. But hey, there is certainly nothing wrong with lessening the pain with an ounce of humor. People, who are isolated and not much sociable, tend to get lonely with time. Because of their nature, the things and the people they love move away from them. On the bright side, wouldn’t it be exciting to fall in love with your anxiety and somehow scaring it away from you. It’s unheard of, but it is surely worth a try.

4. Alright Fine, I’m Broke, I Get It

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more painful than checking out your bank account and finding it empty. First of all, you curse yourself for being irresponsible and spending way too extravagantly. Secondly, there are times when being broke is followed by embarrassment. Once, a friend of mine threw me and a couple of other people a lavish dinner, and a high-end restaurant. When it was time to swipe the debit card, it dawned on us that he was out of cash. Not a day goes by when we don’t roast him for the fool he made out of himself, even though it’s been years.

5. Till Death Do Us Part

Oh, how can I forget Ms. Green, my poor science teacher? Her voice would boom with fury, as she ordered me to sit miles away from my best friend in class, as a move to mitigate the mischief we brought to the table. We would wreak the real havoc when we were given the choice to pick our lab partners. Him and I being the hooligans we were would turn the science lab into a battlefield, and end up in detention for two hours after school.

6. Ok Boomer, You’re Going Down

The only time in your life when you truly experience freedom is when you graduate and land a well-paid job. Despite the feeling of independence, we live in the real world that expects you to get married, have kids with no time for ourselves, what so ever. I get it; the time is drawing near for me to tie the knot. It doesn’t mean that everybody should remind me of how soon my happiness is about to vanish. Seriously man, mind your own business. How about, you die before I move forth with my life?

7. New Year New Me Bullshit

My question is what’s the difference between 31st of December and 1st of January? What is so funny or special about it anyway? You’re still going to be the same twisted, annoying and miserable being that you are. Might as well shut up, and not make me recall that I have wasted another year of my life, doing nothing productive.  

8. Those Good For Nothing Freeloaders

There is nothing in the world that puts off a good student when he has to execute the term project all by himself. Ironically, most college and university projects are referred to as “group projects”, while in reality, only one of the group members is doing all the work. I get it, you guys aren’t good enough, and you don’t have it in you. Could you freeloaders have some sense of responsibility, and if not that, at least pretend you are concerned? Guy’s your grades are on the line and your future depends on it, so please alter that attitude of yours, just a little bit.

9. Can I Rewind the Time?

Your tongue slips the worst when you least want and expect it to. The same happens when you are speaking in the presence of your crush, and something foolish comes out of your mouth. No matter how hard you try to stop yourself, out of nervousness, you say something which completely kills your chances. One time at college I was hanging out with a group, my crush was a part of. Just to break the ice with her, I asked: “so what’s your favorite color?” She giggled while those aware of my feelings for here laughed their lungs out. Only if I had a gun, I would have shot myself in the throat.

10. Man’s Best Friend

All of you devout dog people will agree to this. I consider myself one of the coldest and least emotional beings to walk this planet. The other day I watched Schindler’s list with my family, and they were surprised at my level of calm at the adversities in that film. They were equally shocked when they saw me weep like a little girl while watching a Dog’s Purpose. I can’t stand the idea of those fuzzy buddies feel any pain or part with their human masters.

So, the next time you’re feeling down, just go through a few lol memes on social media. It surely helps.

8 Tips for Using Avocado Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that avocado oil is perfect for avoiding split ends, fighting dandruff and giving hair extra moisture? It is also ideal for boosting hair growth.

Avocado oil is not very well known in the commercial world. However, it hides many benefits that are worth knowing, as it can be used as a cosmetic, cream, lotion, mask, etc.

In this article we review 8 different ways to benefit from all its properties in a simple and natural way.

Avocado Oil Nutrients
Avocado oil stands out for its high content of fatty acids. Thus, in addition to being a very healthy food, it is also an excellent product to use as a home cosmetic, moisturizing and nutritious.

This vegetable oil is extracted from the stone and pulp of the avocado (Persea Gratissima), to obtain a golden, thick and very unctuous liquid that, despite its texture, is easily absorbed.

It is rich in vitamins and has a high antioxidant power.

According to PurtierStore this oil will allow us to give shine, smoothness and elasticity to the skin and hair, also avoids the use of other conventional cosmetics that contain ingredients potentially harmful to health.

Cosmetic uses of avocado oil
1. To prevent wrinkles in dry and mature skin

  • Avocado oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty oils. Therefore, it is one of the best options to deeply nourish dry and mature skins.
  • When applied daily, it helps to give greater elasticity to the skin and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • This oil, on the other hand, is not suitable for young, oily or acne prone skin, as it could produce an excess of sebum.
  • We can also combine avocado oil with others such as coconut oil or rosehip oil.

2. To reduce stretch marks

Thanks to its ability to nourish the skin and increase its flexibility, avocado oil is an excellent moisturizer to prevent stretch marks.

It can even be very effective in eliminating incipient stretch marks, when they are still pink.

We can prepare an excellent homemade anti-stretch mark by mixing equal parts of avocado oil with almond oil.

We will apply it in the shower on the humid and warm skin, just before drying ourselves with the towel.

In this way we will get a hydrated skin, but not greasy.

3. To avoid split ends

To avoid split ends, dry and damaged when we let the hair grow we should apply only a drop of avocado oil on wet or dry hair.

Extend it between the two hands to distribute it well and then massage the ends of the hair.

If your hair is very dry, you can do it every day. Otherwise, we will do it once a week.

4. To nourish cracked heels

Cracked heels need deep nourishing treatment to help repair damaged skin.

To achieve this, we can mix avocado oil with coarse salt and exfoliate our heels with this natural peeling.

We will do it in the shower and, when we go out, we will hydrate our heels again with oil.

Read more: Our review of Thrive Market Coconut Oil

5. To combat dandruff and hair loss

If your hair is greasy, it is not recommended to use it at the root. You can apply it from middle to end, which will give it hydration and softness.


  • 2 tablespoons avocado oil (30 g).
  • The juice of ½ lemon.
  • An egg yolk.
  • How do we apply it?
  • Mix the avocado oil with the lemon and egg yolk in a bowl. If we want a more liquid texture we can add a little water.
  • Massage the scalp with this preparation.
  • Cover your head with a damp towel and let it work for at least two hours.
  • After the indicated time we will wash the hair with our habitual shampoo.

6. For dry elbows

To prevent and treat dry elbows we will act in the same way as with heels. However, on this occasion, instead of mixing avocado oil with coarse salt, we will combine it with baking soda.

We will exfoliate once a week.

7. During pregnancy

During pregnancy we can use all these tips to keep the skin of the belly area elastic and hydrated, especially to prevent stretch marks.

8. To nourish eyebrows and eyelashes

  • Every night, before going to bed, with a mascara brush we can apply a drop of avocado oil mixed with castor oil to our eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • In this way, in a few weeks, more hair will grow for thicker eyebrows and longer, thicker eyelashes.
  • Avocado oil is an excellent cosmetic. Put the recommendations into practice and get surprising results. Don’t forget to try it!

Do Snail Secretions actually work as a Skin Treatment?

Now, there are a lot of weird skincare treatments out there. A lot of the time it even feels as though what we’re reading online has been pulled straight from the pages of Harry Potter, with more and more strange-sounding skin remedies emerging. The funny thing is, a lot of these actually work. The real problem comes with determining which of these remedies are the real deal and which are just a load of baloney made up by hopeful entrepreneurs to make themselves a little bit of extra cash.

Snail secretions fall straight into this category- my first guess would be that you, much like how I used to feel, think that snails being served up as food is weird enough. How can the secretions for such a strange little creature possibly help with skincare? You’ll be surprised to hear that it actually does, so read on to find out how. 

So what part of the snail is it we’re actually talking about? Snail secretion filtrate, the stuff that these kinds of products are made from, is more or less the trails that snails leave behind them. Yeah, we really mean that- the slimy little trails that snails leave behind them are what these products are made from. This might sound a bit disgusting, but it can have its benefits. In fact, people as far back as Ancient Greece was using this filtrate as a cure for inflammation and other similar conditions. 

Now, we hope you’re familiar with some of the common ingredients in skincare products. Snail secretions are full of a lot of them, and they all have pretty long names. These ingredients include glycoprotein enzymes, copper and antimicrobial peptides, proteoglycans and a few more. A lot of these kinds of materials are really common in the makeup of popular skin products, so it should come as no surprise that snail secretions actually can work effectively at treating your skin. 

The secretions which are used for skincare products are mostly taken from garden snails, which are the kind you’ll usually see slithering around in your hometown. While cruel methods have been used in the past to extract these secretions, it’s now common practice to treat them fairly and that a healthy snail produces a healthier secretion. 

Now, there are a lot of benefits to using snail secretions as a form of skincare. They can help with a wide variety of different conditions, which is a real boost if you suffer from more than one yourself. These include helping get rid of sunspots, increased collagen production, acne prevention/curing and helping to repair damaged skin. All of these conditions are fairly common, so it’s no surprise to us that snail secretions have shot to prominence. It offers a natural way to help all of these conditions, which is better than a cream stuffed to the brim with chemicals. 

Snail secretion serums are also really cheap compared to other skin creams. They aren’t part of a big fancy brand and don’t pretend to be something they aren’t; they’re simply a natural element that can be used to greatly benefit your skincare routine.

Healthy Habits: 7 Hygiene Tips for Your Daily Routine

Yep, that’s the same face that every mom makes when she brings out her broom, mop, dusting rags, and whatnot. It’s enough to make every individual at home scamper for cover – or if they are lucky enough, escape altogether.

Needless to say, cleanliness is important. And healthy habits are essential for a healthy existence. It all boils down to hygienic practices.

What is hygiene?

Hygiene is an umbrella term that includes any practice or activity that you do to keep things healthy and clean. This comprises of basic things such as washing your hands, brushing and getting your kids to floss every day, coughing into your elbow, and cleaning your house regularly.

Collins dictionary defines hygiene as:

“The practice of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, especially to prevent illness or the spread of diseases.”

A study at Duke University found that more than 40% of the actions we perform daily aren’t actual decisions, but habits. So implementing the right ones early on is a great way to teach your kids how to stay healthy. 

 Percentage with high household hygiene score


Getting started

The internet is overflowing with information about personal hygiene. And though that is the first line of defense, I want to discuss something a bit more diverse.

As the caregiver of the family, it is essential that you maintain a hygienic environment. This reduces the chances of spreading diseases and illnesses.

So start off by developing an excellent daily system. Remember to begin with the basics and build up a regular routine. It may seem demanding at first, but in no time at all, you’ll see the results and reap the rewards.

All you need is a bit of motivation. What you do every day will have a direct impact on the quality of your life. So it’s time to adopt the following habits and start transforming your life today.

Shall we begin?

1. Wash your hands

If you want to improve hygiene, wash your hands more often. Simply use a hand sanitizer or wash up with soap and water. It’s necessary to get rid of the germs on your hands, especially after using the bathroom, throwing away the garbage, before making food, and after eating it. That way you’ll snip the spread of germs in the bud.


2. Remove the clutter

We live in a period where the generation believes in ‘too much’. So the first step is to get rid of everything you don’t need. Less clutter equates to less mess. So it’s easier to clean and maintain a house where few, essential belongings exist.

Don’t let things pile up, whether it is the laundry or the dishes. Discard junk mail as soon as possible. As you move from room to room, pick up items that you don’t need. Most importantly, enforce the rule, “If you take it out, you’ve got to put it away.”

3. Maintain your kitchen

Even though this could be an entire blog on its own, let’s stick to the bare minimum.

A kitchen is the center of livelihood of every home. Full of life and activity, it tends to get the dirtiest. A few daily habits are enough to keep everything spick and span.

  • Clean up spills right away
  • Wash the dishes as soon as the meal is over
  • Minimize clutter by limiting the number of cookware you use
  • Cook only the amount of food you need
  • Keep perishable items in the fridge
  • Use separate equipment (gloves, knives, cutting boards, etc.) for meat and vegetables
  • Clear and wipe your counters daily
  • Sweep the floor so that the mess does not travel deeper into your home
  • Give the sink a quick scrub

Though it may initially seem like a lot, once you incorporate them into your daily routine, it won’t take more than a few minutes every night. And you’ll be happy with what you did when you walk into a clean, organized kitchen the next morning.

The fig below depicts the Sites and surfaces based on risk of infection transmission:


4. Empty the garbage

The dustbin is one of the dirtiest objects in a household. Keeping it clean is an easy way to avoid attracting various pests like cockroaches and house flies.

Make sure to throw out the trash every night. Keep the lid closed to prevent flies. And since it’s bound to get stinky, wash the garbage can with hot water and a liquid cleaner at least once a week.

5. Give your bathroom a once over

Bathrooms also need a great deal of attention. This article is about daily routines, so for starters, you need to keep your bathroom dry and clutter-free.

  • After a shower, wipe down any wet surfaces, such as the floor, walls, tub, and doors. Wet bathrooms are hotspots for mold growth.
  • Simply leave the bathroom door open to let the steam escape. Opening windows or vents could get the job done faster.
  • Remove wet towels from the bathroom. Let them air out or pop them into the drier.
  • Remove dirty clothes from the bathroom. Sweaty, grimy attire harbor germs, so dump them in the hamper.
  • Wipe the sink and countertop. Put the cap on the toothpaste (a daily chore for many).
  • And remember to give the toilet bowl and bathroom tiles a good scrub every couple of days.

6. Don’t forget to dust

Dust is like an uninvited guest. It’ll make room for itself anywhere and everywhere. And it doesn’t respect your boundaries either!

A swift wipe down of surfaces like the coffee table, bookshelf, vanity, and anything else in plain view covered with dust is enough for a daily routine. But get down and dirty at least once a week. Bring out the vacuum, shake out the doormats, dust the walls, clean the chandeliers, and wipe the ceiling fans.

Every once in a while, have a go at the sofa and other furnishings to eliminate debris and pet hair.

7. Don’t skip your bedroom

The most logical place now would be the bedroom. Though you should change your sheets at least every two weeks, you should make your bed every morning. Keep your belongings organized.

A clean and tidy room is the ideal place to unwind. So fold your washed clothes as soon as they come out of the drier. Keep your dresser area and combs hair-free. And never eat in the bedroom. The last thing you want is to share your bed with other critters.

Don’t pile up your belongings on your bed. Nasty pests like bed bugs often attach themselves to clothes and bags. You don’t want them ending up on your bed. But just in case you notice any lurking under the covers, use home remedies for bed bugs to get rid of them.

So I guess now you’re set for the night. Remember, if you can’t do it all, be satisfied with the 80/20 rule. When you’ve covered 80% of your daily tasks, you’re good to go.

Over to you

There’s no place like home. Depending upon the number of people that you live with and their ages, you will need to set a routine to manage the level of cleanliness. Homeowners with young kids and pets will require a more rigorous method.

At the end of the day, it’s all about maintaining good practices that help to keep your surroundings spotless. If you feel like you are not able to keep up with the housekeeping demands of your lifestyle, there is no harm in hiring some help.

But it’s not only about keeping your abode in pristine condition. Your habits will affect other areas as well, such as your workplace or your child’s school. So your positive attitude towards hygiene can go a long way in influencing others to do the same.

3 Tips to Avoid Thyroid Problems

The thyroid gland in your body helps to control your body temperature and metabolism. Did you know that at least 30 percent of women develop thyroid during their lifespan? The ailments occur due to unhealthy diet, stress, and lifestyle. Hyperthyroidism leads to a drastic loss of weight, abnormal heartbeat, as well as anxiety. On the contrary, hypothyroidism results in weight gain, extreme tiredness, and constipation.

According to an article published on, you can improve thyroid function in a natural way. For example, a diet including dark green vegetables, Brazil nuts, Swiss chard, brown rice, sardines, and pinto beans is rich in selenium. It is ideal for the production of selenium. Read on to learn about the three tips to avoid thyroid.

1. Avoid processed foods

According to doctors and medical professionals, you should avoid packed, processed foods containing preservatives, sugar, fat, sugar-free substitutes, and dyes. As far as processed foods are concerned, they contain trans fats, refined sugar, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup. Did you know that refined sugar leads to intestinal inflammation and triggers autoimmune flare-ups?

2. Eat a balanced diet

Switch to a balanced diet to avoid thyroid problems. Did you know that 70 percent of the autoimmune system is found in the human intestine? Therefore, when the lining of your intestine becomes inflamed, it triggers an immune response. Several studies indicate that it plays a crucial role in thyroid development.

You should keep inflammation in control with a balanced diet including five servings of vegetables as well as three or four servings of fruits daily. Besides, you must eat plenty of lean meat, fatty fish like herring, salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. Besides, make sure that you take a blood test with sterilized blood collection tubes to prevent any type of infections.

There are other edibles you must have. These include extra-virgin oil, avocados, sunflower oil, nut butter, coconut oil, and nuts.

3. Take supplements after consulting your doctor

Iodine is important for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. As far as iodine is concerned, its deficit is unusual in the developed nations because of the supplementation of dairy food, bread, and table salts. It means that you are consuming enough iodine in your diet. Then, too much of the same can result in hyperthyroidism in vulnerable patients. Therefore, medical professionals do not suggest the use of iodine pills without consulting doctors.

If you suspect that you have thyroid, talk to your doctor immediately. Ask whether you can take vitamin D or selenium, both are known to prevent thyroid.

Based on the findings of clinical research, the intake of 200 mcg of selenium daily helps in the reduction of anti-thyroid antibodies. Alternatively, you can take 1-2 Brazil nuts daily to get selenium. No matter what supplements you try, take them after consulting your physician.

Vitamin D is also essential in controlling your immune system. If you are deficient in the vitamin, take supplements after asking a medical professional. Check your vitamin D level to determine whether you need the supplement or not.


Now that you have these tips handy, focus on them to avoid thyroid problems. Stay healthy and happy.

How to Pick a Good Vaporizer When You’re New to Vaping

With custom sets, you can play around with the specs and get what you’re looking for. First, you need to choose what medium you’re comfortable with. There are vaporizers for liquids and “salts” and both offer a very different feel and experience. Nicotine salts offer more nicotine with a reduced hit and are better for those who want to quit smoking. Liquids contain nicotine in its purest form so it’s a lot more potent (which is why the mg count is lower with liquids). Devices for salts are also a little less complicated than liquid vaporizers.

Next, we come to the inhaling mechanism. Your atomizer tank is where the vapor is made and tanks come with two inhaling mechanisms; mouth-to-lung vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. Not only is the nicotine delivered through a healthier medium of vapor instead of smoke, but it could also be cheaper than cigarettes in the long run. Choosing the right device for you can be tricky though and you need to know what you’re buying because one specification can change the entire experience.

If you’re new to vaping, you can opt for fixed devices such as vaporizer pens and other heavy-duty single-piece devices. These are simpler to operate and require little maintenance compared to custom sets where you can choose the tank and power source according to your preference. Vaporizer pens are great if you’re trying to get off smoking as they come closest to the smoking experience in terms of feel and the type of hit you get. Some may have variable settings allowing you to change the power output and resistance which has an effect on the vapor the device creates. The disadvantage is the limited options you have in terms of design and colors. You can’t really play around with the design to reflect your personality and have to stay with what the manufacturer provides.

Mouth-to-lung is similar to a cigarette where you take a draw and inhale into your mouth only then remove the tip of the vaporizer to inhale into the lungs and then exhale. With straight-to-lung, you’re inhaling directly into your lungs from the tanks and the vapor is a lot more intense. Cloud chasers like these devices for the amount of smoke they produce letting them do all sorts of tricks.

Finally, there is the battery. This is what powers up your atomizer tank to create the vapor. You have mechanical mods which are a simple setup with no variable settings on voltage and resistance. Then you have digital mods where you can change those settings and adjust the kind of hit you’re getting and the intensity of smoke you’re inhaling. Mechanical mods require a lot of precautions and care and are prone to overheating if not cared for properly.If the above doesn’t help you with your decision, you’re sure to find more information if you visit an online vape shop. With today’s competition, there are more than enough choices in the market to let you make an informed decision on a device that fits your needs and budget.

Fearing that Trip to the Dentist? Time to Look into Sedation Dentistry

Taking a visit to the dentist is never easy. No matter how minute or complex your visit is, there’s no denying that having someone working with your teeth is jaw-clenching. Believe it or not, there’s actually a term for this fear: dentophobia. Current estimates suggest that around 75% of all adults have some level about going to the dentist. Of those numbers, between 5% and 10% have a serious fear that prevents them from taking action—even when their situation is dire. If you’re fearful of visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry can help. Here’s what you need to know: 

Sedation 101

Sometimes, relaxing in the dentist’s chair can feel impossible. This is where sedation comes in. Even for the most basic procedures, patients can opt for elective sedation to ease their mind and have a more comfortable experience. With sedation dentistry, sedation drugs are administered before or during a surgery. This allows you to remain relaxed and remain still as work is being completed. 

Types of Sedation

There are multiple types of sedation. Some are designed to keep you asleep for the duration of the surgery, while others simply keep you relaxed while you’re awake during the procedure. What you choose depends on your surgery and the severity of your anxiety and fear. 

There are three common types of sedation: inhaled sedation, oral sedation, and general anesthesia. During inhaled sedation, you breathe in nitrous oxide—also called “laughing gas.” As you breathe in this gas, your body and mind start to relax, and the dentist can control how much of it is administered. Generally, this wears off pretty quickly. 

Oral sedation comes in different doses. This pill behaves like valium, making you relaxed and even a bit drowsy. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep with oral sedation, however, a gentle shake is it all it will take to awaken them. Deep sedation renders you completely unconscious throughout your procedure. As the most extreme of the sedation options, it may take you longer to regain full consciousness, and you’ll likely need help getting home after the procedure. 

The type of sedation that’s best depends on your personal health and condition. For example, if you have an aversion to needles, IV sedation wouldn’t work well for you. Or if you have a fear of being vulnerable in a chair during a sleep-induced procedure, general anesthesia can probably be ruled out in favor of a more calming, aware type of sedation. Talk to your dentist about your concerns to come up with the best sedation treatment. 

Understanding the Causes

In the majority of cases, people with dentophobia have a fear of dentists because of a previous traumatic experience. For example, they might have had a very complicated or painful procedure in the past. In some cases, they may have had a bad interaction with the dentist. Dealing with an insensitive or uncaring dentist can make the entire dental process feel cold and harsh, and will set the tone for your dental visits for years to come. 

Some fears even stem from indirect experiences—something you saw on the news or heard about from a friend. And in other circumstances, individuals may experience a fear of dentists because they carry an underlying fear of doctors in general. The smell and appearance of clinics and hospitals could induce those deeper levels of anxiety and fear. This is the same premise behind the “white coat syndrome”—where accurate reading of blood pressure among patients are hard to get because blood pressure and heart rates rise in clinical settings. 

Proper Treatment for Dental Anxiety 

If you find that this phobia is truly stifling your ability to address some health concerns, you should consider seeking therapy in addition to requesting sedation. Therapy, behavioral techniques, and in some cases medication, can help you combat this fear. Start with some relaxation techniques that can help relieve some of your fear. Deep breathing exercising and meditation can help you learn how to handle sitting in a dentist’s office, whether it’s in the waiting room or in the chair. The goal is to gradually teach yourself to be rid of those fears without assistance. 

Choosing the best dentist is also key. “Being comfortable with your dentist is also key to a successful visit and procedure,” says Argyle Family Dental, a dental practice in Centennial, CO. “You should visit multiple dentists for a consultation to learn more about how they interact with their patients. Be transparent about your fear and pay attention to their suggestions for alleviating that fear. How comfortable they make you feel during these early visits is crucial.”