25 Fifty Shades of Gray Memes

25 Fifty Shades of Gray Memes

Whether you thought Fifty Shades of Gray was a steamy romance, a twisted tale of manipulation, or a far fetched love story,...
What are earthing sheets?

What are Earthing Sheets?

Earthing sheets are specially designed bedding sheets with a conductive material (usually silver) woven through them. The purpose of the conductive material...
Dummy over rocks

Funny Memes About Life

The best way to forget about life struggles is with a good tickle fest on the good-old funny bone. Here are some...
Friday Five Fall Favorites

Friday Five Fall Favorites

Happy Friday! Hello friends, happy end of the week, if it is for you. Where I am it’s the beginning of fall and it always...
life cycle of a blog

Life Cycle of a Blog

Starting a blog and continuing to write a blog has been really therapeutic for me. It’s been more than that. It’s been really wonderful,...
Funny dog memes

Laugh Stress Away with Funny Dog Memes on Pinterest

Dogs can be trained to be service animals, therapy animals or comfort animals. They can be your running buddy, your hunting companion, or your...
Monday Morning Memes

Monday Morning Memes

Mondays are rough. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my day sure it was a Monday, until I realized at 2:00...
Bubble freezing in the cold

Clean Memes

Your grandma can use a good laugh. Those NSFW memes will only do the opposite though. Show her these pristine memes to...
A Girl Writing In a Notebook

Funny Nerd Memes

You are a true nerd when you see a meme and all you can think about is sharing it with your best...
A Cat Meme

Happy Friday Memes

Let’s have a moment of silence for those people who work on the weekends. I really do sympathize with them.