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Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Drink Soda

To be blunt, drinking soda is one of the worst things you can do for your health. Consuming soda on a regular basis is strongly linked to obesity, poor heart health, and reduced lifespan.

Eliminating soda from your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to become healthier and improve your lifestyle. And for your kids, cutting out soda can be a big step in protecting their health, helping them stay at a healthy weight, and reducing their likelihood of certain health problems in the future.

One big reason soda is so harmful is that it is loaded with sugar. The average soda contains a whopping 7-10 teaspoons of sugar.

The average American adult consumes about 17 teaspoons of added sugar per day. (Added sugar refers to sugar that doesn’t occur naturally in foods.) Most of the added sugar people consume comes from sugary drinks, like soda.

Dietary guidelines recommend that the amount of added sugar you consume should not exceed 10% of your total caloric intake. This translates to about 200 calories (percent daily values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet), or 12 teaspoons.

And for your kids, it’s even less. The American Heart Association recommends that children aged 2-18 years consume only six teaspoons of added sugar per day.

So if you drink a soda, you’ve pretty much consumed all of your sugar for the day. And for a child, one soda is over their daily limit!

More and more people are beginning to take notice of the health problems associated with frequent soda consumption. In fact, many cities and states are calling for a soda tax, which is an additional tax placed on sodas and, in some places, other sugar-sweetened beverages.

Avoiding soda, however, should go beyond avoiding an additional tax. Your family’s health may depend upon limiting their consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages.

Why is Consuming too Much Sugar Bad for You?

There are many reasons you should limit your child’s consumption of sugar, particularly sugar found in processed food and sugary beverages. (And this applies to your own sugar consumption, too, so pay attention!)

Here are a handful of reasons you should really watch your child’s sugar intake:

1) Sugar leads to weight gain, and particularly the accumulation of “visceral fat.”

Consuming sugar causes you to gain weight around the abdomen — “visceral fat.” This kind of fat, also known as belly fat, is especially dangerous because it is so close to your vital organs. Having a high percentage of visceral fat has been linked to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

That doesn’t sound like something I want to sign my child up for!

One of the main factors contributing to the rising obesity rates in the Western world is that sugar has become a much larger part of our diet. Reducing your child’s soda consumption can help them stay at a healthy weight and lower their risk of obesity and its related health conditions.

If your child is struggling with excess weight gain, quitting soda can go a long way in their health journey.

2) Sugar weakens your resistance to leptin, or the “hunger hormone.”

Leptin is an important hormone that regulates your hunger levels. Fructose, a type of sugar found in sugary drinks, interferes with the signals leptin sends to your body to stop eating.

This makes it harder to stay slim and not overeat. For your child, this means they will probably feel hungrier and continue eating past their normal “full” point.

This can lead to unnecessary snacking and overeating. And when these overeating habits continue in the long term, your child may face excess weight gain and even obesity.

3) Sugary foods fail to provide you with the nutrients you need.

Sugary foods are empty calories—they fill you up without providing nutritional value. This makes it harder for you to obtain nutrients without overeating.

Have you ever tried to get your kid to finish their healthy, nutritious dinner after they already drank a soda? It’s near impossible!

Avoiding soda can help your child fill up on nutritious foods instead of empty, sugary calories.

4) Too much sugar can increase your risk of cancer.

Having high levels of insulin is linked to being at risk for cancer. Also, cancer cells feed on glucose, a kind of sugar.

This is just plain scary. Protect your child’s health now by helping them quit soda.

5) High sugar intake can increase your risk of heart disease.

One study involving more than 30,000 people showed that those consumption of sugar was 17-21% of their total caloric intake had a 38% greater risk of dying from heart disease compared to those whose consumption of sugar was only 8% of their total caloric intake.

By helping your child avoid soda and all of its sugar, you’re helping your child keep their heart healthy.

6) Consuming lots of sugar can increase your risk of diabetes.

Sugar consumption, obesity, and diabetes are all closely linked. Obesity is one of the main drivers of diabetes, and excess sugar consumption is one of the main causes of obesity.

Also, consuming too much sugar for a long time creates resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels, which causes your blood sugar levels to rise.

So as it turns out, you can reduce your child’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer with one simple move: cutting out soda.

7) Sugar consumption can increase your risk of depression.

Researchers have found a correlation between frequent consumption of sugary drinks and one’s risk of being depressed. One study involving more than 69,000 postmenopausal women found that those with a high glycemic index, or those who consumed foods that cause blood sugar levels to rise, had a much higher risk of becoming depressed.

While this study was obviously not focused on children, it’s an important point to remember. Sugar has a huge impact on your child’s health—both physical and mental. Cutting out soda and therefore reducing your child’s sugar intake can help them avoid depression.

8) Sugar AND soda can lead to tooth decay.

This probably isn’t a surprise—drinking soda can lead to tooth decay and cavities. To keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong, limit their intake of soda and other sugary foods and drinks. Your kid’s dentist will be happy to hear the news!

Healthy Alternatives to Soda

There are many healthy alternatives to soda you can offer your child. Most of them even taste good!

However, it’s important to realize that not all non-soda drinks are good for your children. Many juices are also high in added sugars and can bring many of the same health concerns as soda.

The next time your child asks for a soda, consider trying one of these healthier beverages instead: 

1) High-protein organic milk

Horizon makes organic reduced-fat milk with 12 g of protein per serving. Milk is also a good source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin D.

2) Beet juice

Beets are rich in nitrates, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. They also contain folate, a vitamin that helps with cell growth and converts carbohydrates into energy.

3) Water

You can never go wrong with water.

Drinking water has many health benefits. It regulates body temperature, helps your blood carry oxygen throughout the body, helps your digestive system work properly, and regulates your blood pressure, among other things.

And if your child wants a little more flavor than is offered by plain water, try infused water. Simply add sliced fruits (or vegetables!) to your water pitcher. They will infuse their flavor into the water for a tasty, fresh alternative to sweetened beverages.

So instead of giving your child an increased likelihood of many health problems with soda, you can give them health benefits instead with one of these drink options.

Of course, it may not be practical to assume that your child will never drink soda again. But you can ensure that your kid limits their soda consumption, and you can also start to educate them as to why drinking soda is bad for their health.

After all, a healthy lifestyle starts at home!

5 Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

For many years, a number of cultures from around the world have been aware of the healthful benefits of drinking tea. It is now the case that more and more people are coming to understand the benefits of incorporating different teas into their daily routines.

Different teas will offer different benefits and one tea which offers a host of benefits and not only that, a tea which is increasingly being drunk for its flavor is chamomile tea. There is a great deal of research that supports the benefits of this tea and as more and more research is conducted, the tea is showing more and more promise for many ailments, both acute and chronic. There are so many benefits to this tea, 5 of which are listed below.

  • For an all-over health boost, chamomile tea is a good choice. Chamomile flowers contain many substances that offer a benefit throughout the body. The tea is known to be antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. Taken regularly, it can be used proactively to keep the body free from many of the pathogens that are common in cases of the disease.
  • Chamomile tea is well known for its sedative properties due to the flavonoids which are present in the plant. Many studies support the calming effects which many people experience from drinking tea. It is commonly used by those suffering from conditions such as anxiety due to its ability to comfort and calm the nervous system. Many people find it useful as a sleep aid and will commonly take a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed at night.
  • Chamomile tea has been shown to have wide-reaching benefits for digestive health and this is largely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. For those who suffer from bloating or feel fullness after a meal, chamomile tea has been shown to offer benefits in calming the digestive tract to allow easier passage of food through the digestive tract. It will, therefore, help with bowel movements and regularity. Those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cramps, and nausea have reported an improvement in their symptoms with regular use of the tea.
  • Chamomile tea is used as a booster for the immune system and this is due to the phenols contained in the plant. The tea is commonly used to help fight flu, sinus, and other infections.
  • Users of the tea have also reported an improvement in their skin, hair, and nails with regular use. It can help with conditions such as dandruff and itchy scalp

For maximum benefit, it is recommended that the tea be taken on a regular, daily basis. Everyone is different and when using the kent & sussex tea and coffee company, you will quickly discover how many cups per day to take to benefit you. Between 1 and 4 cups are recommended. The leaf can also be used as a garnish on many foods and this is another good way of utilizing its benefits. For those who are caffeine sensitive, chamomile tea is naturally caffeine-free.

5 Tips to Consider When Hiring A Professional Catering Group

Planning the menu of any event be it an exquisite wedding event, cooperate event, children party or an outdoor get together is very crucial. It’s the tiny details that can make or break an event.

One needs to be extra careful with quality, taste as well as food and beverage services they intend to use. Finding experts in the catering field can be tricky, but it’s worth the hustle. Are you in search of the perfect catering group for your event? Here are some tips to help you


Before you go running to select any group, draw up a budget. Compare your budget with a caterer’s quotation to see if it’s what you can afford. Some catering groups tend to have different pricing depending on meal servings as well as the services they offer.


Be keen to notice how a caterer is responding to you as well as your interests. Do they make an effort to understand the types of guests you are expecting? Is their menu costumed to your budget as well as taste and preference? Is the group in a position to provide personal requirements? These are some of the essential questions to ask. Also, check if the group has an allowance for special diet as well as children. A professional caterer should take an interest in learning more about your event.


It never hurts to be safe. A professional catering ought to have insurance coverage. You surely do not want court orders as a result of an oversight as well as an accident on your big day, which was the fault of a caterer. Ensure to inquire about liability insurance. If it’s lacking, then it’s a red flag. 

These go a long way in protecting them as well as keeping you from dealing with any recourse should something happen.

Provides Tastings 

There is no better way to know what a catering group can do than going down to the institution and taste samples of their delicacies. It provides a chance to know which items to include in the menu and which ones to pass. From wine tasting to canapes try to compare which flavor you would prefer at your big day. Don’t settle for generic samples as your event may turn out to be boring. 

Be sure to check on how they present the samples. A catering group that takes time to display a sample is likely to make a similar effort in ensuring you have a great event.  


Checking on a catering group is all good and beautiful. You can start by going through their online webpages and seeing what services they have as well as the reviews. However, you need to take an extra mile, as these reviews aren’t reliable. You can decide to reach to some of their past clients to inquire about their services. Individuals are always able to express themselves about a disappointment regarding the whole catering experience as compared to a written online review.

Don’t rely on online advertisement as these can hardly replace recommendation from a person you can build one


To ensure that your guests have a delightful as well as enjoyable catering experience, hire professional catering group. Ensure even the slight detail is handled. Check on everything, including canapes, to make sure you are getting value for your money.  

Tips on Keeping the Power Online with Your Food Truck Business

The mobile food industry has been a growing presence all around the globe for years now. There is such a wide variety of different food trucks out there from burger vans to exotic foods and everything in between. 

One of the reasons food trucks are so popular is that as a business they can be set-up reasonably quickly. You can be your own boss, set your own menu, do things quickly and make a lot of money but keeping the power online with your food truck will require the right planning. 

Things are not quite as simple as setting up a portable generator and leaving things ticking along. You need to ensure the generator is safe and well maintained and will last a long time without needing re-fueling. 

You can’t really afford the power to go out halfway through cooking, can you? So, if you have a food truck or are thinking about setting up a mobile food business be sure to read the tips below. This way you can ensure both you and your customers will be happy.   

A High Wattage is Essential

Food trucks unlike restaurants and cafes can’t rely on the main grid for their power, can they? This means you need to ensure you have a powerful enough generator to power every appliance you could need. 

Now, of course, this will vary from food truck to food truck but even small businesses that only make a few things can need a lot of power. The average amount is around 3000 watts but only use this as a guide. Tally up everything you need to use in your truck and then add a little extra to be safe then you can better guarantee your generator will be powerful enough to ensure 

smooth running. 

Focus on Fuel Efficiency 

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a generator but when it comes to food trucks you should focus your efforts on finding a more fuel-efficient generator. This way you can ensure your truck will be able to last longer on a single tank. No one wants to keep going out to refuel so focus on fuel efficiency. 

Inverter Generators Are Recommended

Inverter generators have a variety of benefits when compared to their conventional counterparts that will be useful for food truck owners. They are smaller more compact machines, more fuel efficient, quieter and produce cleaner power. They might be more expensive at first but the cost will give you better long-term savings. 

So, now you know my three main tips for when it comes to choosing a generator for your food truck business. One other final piece of advice I have is to pay a visit to the Best Generators. org website on

Best is a new platform for news about all kinds of generators and it even as pages dedicated to food truck generators! So, if you want to read reviews and guides for food generators Best is the place to go. 

9 Life Hacks For Indoor Grilling

One of the best outdoor activities you can enjoy with your friends and family is BBQ. But it’s not always possible to have a BBQ party outdoors.

The weather may not be so favorable sometimes. Your apartment may not have space outside. Have no worries, because you always have the option to grill indoors!

Let’s be honest. It’s not the same as grilling outside. You cannot enjoy the weather. Working with charcoal and fire is also more fun compared to electronic indoor grilling!

Regardless, indoor grilling can be fun and safe if you know just the right way to do it. To know more about all the life hacks related to indoor grilling, keep on reading.

1. Too Many Options

If you’re planning to have a BBQ party indoors, you have a lot of options. You can pick any method, such as fireplace cooking, or using the stove, the oven, a grill pan or an electronic grill machine.

You can grill on your stove, using a lid or built-in stove top. You can also grill steak, french fries, tomatoes, onions and sausages in the oven.

You can make sandwiches and panini using a panini press or sandwich maker. There are many options for you to choose from. Take your pick, and get grilling!

2. Cause Less Mess

Indoor grilling is more convenient than outdoor grilling. We say so because indoor grilling will cause less mess compared to outdoor grilling.

Since you always use the kitchen, everything is organized. You know where everything is, so you don’t have to dash in and out for ingredients or plates like you do when you’re grilling outdoors.

By grilling indoors, you are avoiding lighting fire with charcoal, which can be dangerous. You also won’t have to shovel ashes and deal with those things.

3. Prepare Your Grill Pan

Before you start placing the juicy meat on it, prepare your grill pan properly. Make sure your pan is clean and dry before you start.

Preheat the pan or the oven for ten minutes. You should use aluminum foil for the oven, but you don’t need it for the stove pan.

Season the fish, meat or vegetables according to your taste, then place them gently on the aluminum-spread tray or the pan.

You can even place a few slices of lemon in the pan and cook fish over it to prevent it from sticking. You don’t need to do that over the aluminum foil unless you want to season your fish with lemon juice.

4. Ice Cubes For Burger Patties

This is an interesting trick shared by a few, and recommended by the MasterChef judge Graham Elliot.

If you put a small ice cube at the center of the burger patty, it will keep the patty from drying out. You’ll get a juicy patty right out of the oven!

The heat of the pan may shrivel the meat patty, so adding a small ice cube will keep it supple and juicy.

If you don’t want to use ice cubes, you can use a small cube of butter as well. Butter has a rich texture and flavor, so it will make the patty taste more delicious.

5. Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

This is a fancy trick for hot dog lovers. Are you not tired of having hot dogs the same way?

Now you have a chance to create something different! Make spiral cuts on the sausages, skewer them and let them grill. You can grill them on the aluminum-spread tray in the oven, or on the stove in the grilling pan.

The aluminum will retain the condiments in the food, making it taste better. Meanwhile, if you’re cooking using a grilling pan, cover it up with a lid, so that the flavor is retained.

6. How To Get Grill Marks With Pans

If you’re cooking on plain trays, you may not get the artistic grill marks on your steaks. But with pan cookers, you can.

To get grill marks, place the meat at a forty-five-degree angle to the ridge. Then turn the same side of the meat at ninety degrees on the pan. Now the ridge will be forty-five degrees in the opposite direction.

Keep the meat in each position for two to three minutes to get that professionally grilled look!

7. Rosemary Skewers

Instead of using regular skewers, which may sometimes disappoint you, use rosemary instead! This is an excellent recipe for BBQ.

Rosemary stems are sturdier than regular skewers, so your meatballs and vegetables won’t fall off. In addition to that, the food will retain the wonderful flavor of rosemary, giving it a remarkable taste.

8. Season With Herbs

You can use a wide range of herbs to season your steaks. The most notable are rosemary, sage, and basil, but you can even use lavender, oak, hickory and peach prunings.

When you grill meat with onions and tomatoes, they will automatically exchange flavors with each other. You may want to grill them altogether if you like that.

You can even add apple cider vinegar or apple juice to the meat for a sweet flavor. You have to spray these liquids on the meat with a spray bottle.

9. Boil Items Before Grilling

Another trick in the book is to boil sausages and other meats before placing them on the grilling pan or in the oven.

Defrost these items, and submerge them in boiling water for about ten to fifteen minutes. They are able to retain moisture better if you boil them before grilling them. This way, they taste juicier and take on a supple nature.

You can use rosemary skewers or regular skewers. If you’re using regular skewers, use two for one sausage. Season appropriately and serve to your friends and family.


There are so many benefits to cooking indoors, despite how dull it sounds. You cannot disagree that indoor grilling can be enjoyed when the weather is windy and rainy.

You have more options to cook food when you’re doing it inside your home than outside. According to Faveable, electronic grilling machines have made it much easier for those of us who live in apartments to enjoy BBQ with friends. There are now many options in beginner friendly smokers as well if you’d like to give that a try.

In addition, you have learned about a few tricks to make your BBQ taste even more delicious by adding herbs, vinegar, juices, butter, and ice cubes. We hope you incorporate these tricks into your next BBQ party!

Top 7 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Many people think of hemp flower strains as a superfood. The flower strains have a rich profile of nutrition and offer a variety of wellbeing benefits.. These flowers are enriched with protein, beneficial fatty acids, omega-3s, as well as fiber and omega-6s. They contain antioxidant end products as well as the ability to reduce signs of the majority of ailments, enhancing the joint, skin, as well as heart health. In this write-up, we explore the different benefits of CBD hemp flowers and make tips available for including them to the meal.

The Top 7 Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower Strains

These flower strains are filled naturally with nutrition and health benefits. The first 4 benefits are under nutritional benefits while the rest will be under health benefits.

1)    Unsaturated fats: Polyunsaturated fats’ health benefits, especially omega-3s, are now very popular. The human body can’t generate essential acids full of fat, and the human body needs to get them via the diet. They’re important for long-term physical condition. Generally, people are inclined to eat excess omega-6s, and little omega-3s. However, including CBD hemp flower strains in the diet could help create a balance. In line with 2015 animal study results, adding CBD hemp flower strains to the diet of hens brought about eggs with augmented stages of omega-3s within the yolks and an extremely wholesome omega-3 to the omega-6 relative amount. Moreover, hemp flowers are less in saturated fats as well as no trans fats.

2)    Protein: “CBD hemp flower strains contain about as many proteins as soybeans” says Inside all 30g of seeds/leaves, or about a spoonful, there are 10 grams of protein. These flower strains are an inclusive way of getting protein, which means that they make all 9 important amino acids available. Normally, the building blocks for every protein are amino acids. The human body cannot generate these nine acids; therefore a person should absorb them through the diet. Comparatively few foods based on plants are a complete way of getting protein, making CBD hemp flower strains a useful addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet. CBD Hemp flower strains are specifically enriched with an amino acid known as arginine with heart health benefits.

3)    Fiber: Most of the fiber within a CBD hemp flower strains come from within its exterior shell, chlorophyll or hull. If possible, get the strains with intact hulls or surface. On the other hand, with no stem or vein, CBD hemp flowers are major fiber source with 3 spoonful containing about 1.2 gram of fiber. Consumption of natural fiber can reduce cravings, work to alleviate unhealthy levels of blood sugar, enhance gut health, and aid with the management of weight.

4)    Vitamins and Minerals: This flowering plant contains a notable range of minerals and vitamins and is specifically rich in magnesium, vitamin E, phosphorous, and potassium. They’re also a nice means of getting zinc, iron, as well as B vitamins, together with niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and folate. There is also option for bulk hemp flowers in the market if you are looking for a large quantity for your use.

5)    Brain protection: A study published in the journal Food Chemistry found that hemp seed extract has antioxidant effects in lab tests. These effects may result from the seeds’ cannabidiol (CBD) content. Results of a review from 2018 suggest that CBD and other compounds in the seeds may have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, effects and may also help to regulate the immune system. The review suggests that, because of these potential properties, CBD may help with neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and childhood seizure disorders.

6)    Enhance heart health: The medicinal group of people thinks that omega-3 fatty acids enhance the physical condition of the heart as well as ease the danger of problems like heart disease and arrhythmias. Hemp flower strains contain omega-3s as well as a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 acids. The flower strains also contain great amounts of arginine. It is an amino acid, which becomes nitric oxide. The nitric oxide is crucial for vein dilation and artery, and it aids to maintain elastic and smooth walls of the blood vessel.

7)    Trim down inflammation: The level of omega-3s contained by CBD hemp flower strains as well as the flowers’ healthy omega-3: omega-6 ratio may ease inflammation. Moreover, hemp flower strains are a great means of getting GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), a polyunsaturated acid full of fats, which may additionally have anti-inflammatory effects. Certain research on animals proposes that GLA may work as an effective anti-inflammatory substance. On the other hand, recent researches on humans propose that GLA is not frequently of use. An evaluation in EJP (The European Journal of Pharmacology) affirms that humans digest GLA inside an extremely complex fashion, which can clarify why the research on humans turns out different effects than the ones on animals. When exploring these findings, it’s vital to note down that researchers generally use high concentrations of CBD hemp flower strains and that consuming the plant may generate less vivid effects. Decreasing inflammation may aid chronic diseases symptoms, such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and metabolic syndrome. It takes care of non-alcohol-affiliated liver disease full of fats as well as heart disease!

Hence, with this write-up, one can at least know the benefits he/she would get after consumption of the flower strains.

Reheatza Review: Is a Microwave Energized Heating Pan Something You Need?

Ever heat up some pizza in the microwave only to find that the crust comes out hard and overly chewy? Reheatza aims to solve this problem.

The manufacturer states that the “Microwave Energized Heating Pan” converts microwave energy into conductive heat to cook like a grill and that it has a specially designed lid that shields microwaves to protect food from harsh direct energy. They say it’s a perfect solution to microwave your pizza with crispy crust, perfectly melted cheese, and warmed toppings.

It is intended for leftover pizza, bacon, eggs, grilled cheese, frozen foods, fresh veggies, hamburgers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and toasted sandwiches.

Basically anything that has a food texture that would normally be ruined by a microwave.

Reheatza Review Summary:


  • Gives you quality crispness right from your microwave
  • Very affordable
  • Works for many dishes that would otherwise be ruined in a microwave including pizzas, leftovers, hamburgers, chicken wings, sandwiches, and much more
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fit nearly any microwave


  • Takes more time than just using the microwave normally
  • Often out of stock
  • Needs to cool completely before being used again

Check Price & Availability

Reheatza Size

Reheatza comes with instructions in the cooking guide for specific microwave wattages. It fits most microwaves with minimum interior dimensions of 12.5 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. Unless you have a super small microwave, it should be fine but do mind the wattage instructions.

Cleaning the Reheatza

The Reheatza has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean. It should NOT be washed in a dishwasher and should only be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. The pan can malfunction if you submerge it in water.

How to Use the Reheatza

Preheating the pan is quite important. To preheat the pan, simply place it without food and lid in the microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes (for a 1200W microwave, or 3 minutes for 1100W microwave). You should not exceed 3 minutes.

For best results, you should wait for 10 minutes or until the Reheatza pan has completely cooled before using it again.

It is important to ensure that you are following the instructions depending on the correct microwave wattage. If your food is not hot as yet, continue cooking it for 30 second intervals until hot.

Cooking steak is determined by the thickness of the steak. If the steaks are thicker than 0.5 inches, you may have to cook it longer.

Does It Work?

In short, yes. It prevents certain foods from being ruined in the microwave.

Is it as good as pan frying? No. But nobody should expect that.

It’s somewhere in the middle. It does a better job of preserving food texture than normal microwaving but is not as good in that regard as other cooking methods.

Should you buy one? That’s a personal decision about the importance of food texture. Personally, I’d rather eat pizza, eggs or bacon cold than ruin them in a microwave so I think the small cost and extra few minutes is worth it.

How Does the Reheatza Heating Pan Work?

People who understand how microwaves work can easily understand how the Reheatza Heating Pan operates. Reheatza notes that the secret is in the Microwave Energized Heating Pan which turns microwave energy into conductive heat. This simply means that the material of the pan is not microwave permeable, but it is affected by the radiation in order to heat up. The heat is then transferred through the regular conduction to the food.

In other words, the pan heats up the same way it does on a cooking stove, and the food cooks through direct contact. However, only the cooking surface reacts, which means the lining around the pan and the lid should remain cool. The pan should be preheated before it cooks.

What People Are Saying About Reheatza

Most users appear to be pleased with the crispiness of the food, including some positive results with reheating pizza. However, the chief complaint is that everything takes too long. It does take longer to use this device, and microwaves are about efficiency. Nobody cooks in a microwave for flavor. So it’s a matter of how important the texture is to the individual user.


The Reheatza Heating Pan can be ideal for college students who live in dorms where toaster ovens or hot-plates are not allowed. One of the best features of this pan is that it has a non-stick surface and cleaning is super easy. Nevertheless, it may not be convenient if you are preparing several servings or for those who like cooking in a hurry.

Check Price & Availability

3 Top Tips on How to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

When people are looking to lose weight and burn fat, the most common complaint surrounding fat tends to be that that is stored on the belly. However, before you go on your mission to lose all of your belly fat and become as early as you want to be, you should take into consideration the fact that there are different types of belly fat, each of which require a different point of attention in order to get rid of.

Belly fat is kept behind your stomach, it affect all organs which live here, including the stomach, intestines, liver, and the kidneys. The body’s organs cannot function as they were designed t if they are surrounded in fat that is essentially stopping their breathing ability! talks about this topic very frequently. This is not the only downside however to having a large amount of fat surrounding your organs – the fat produces various substances that do not do your mental or physical state any favors, such as interference with your weight, your appetite, your general mood, as well as your attitude. In terms of physical effects, being overweight can massively increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, as well as cancer in many forms.

The only positive to take from having belly fat, is that it is one of the easier forms of fats to rid your body of. In this article, we will take a look at a number of different techniques that can be used to help you lose weight and burn your excess fat.

Metabolism: if you want to read your body of excess fat, you want to be able to take from the food that you ingest good nutrients, and to rid your body of the rest. A speedier metabolism will help you do this – increase your metabolism by eating more fibre, exercising more, and being sure to stay hydrated.

Diet: You should also avoid junk foods which slow down your digestion. You should make sure that you eat good proteins, such as eggs, chicken, turkey, and fish. It is important that you avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates, as these will simply add more fat to your body since they cannot be easily digested. Some examples of good carbohydrates to consume are high quality grains, brown instead of white rice, as well as various beans and oats. Another advantage of consuming good foods is that they will help you to feel more full, for a longer time – this discourages snacking. If you do choose to snack, you should make sure that your snacks are healthy and that they include various fruits and nuts

Sleep: if you do not sleep properly and for the correct amount of time, there is no way that your body can possibly go about losing fat. If you do not get enough sleep, the brain’s ability to make wise decisions is inhabited – this will directly impact what you eat, and will result in you gaining unnecessary weight. Another thing to consider if you do not sleep properly is the effect that it has on your metabolic rate – if you do not sleep properly your body has to make up for this lost energy in some other way, this tends to be by not performing its fundamental functions as well as it should.


5 Best Plastic-Free Lunch Boxes and Bags

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your child gets a safe and healthy lunch each day. You can limit to sugary foods, provide them with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies and can also help them stay hydrated. These are some key ways to promote health.

However, what many parents don’t consider is the insulated lunch bags in which the lunch gets packed. According to recent studies, plastic is not the safest material to store food. That is because many plastics discharge estrogen-chemicals like carcinogens, neurotoxins, and other dangerous substances into food.

How About Eco-friendly Lunch Box Options?

If you want your child to eat healthy and from a healthy container, it’s a good idea to switch to using plastic free-containers. Take a look at these plastic free containers that can be used instead of your usual plastic lunch box:

Kangovou Bento Lunch Boxes

These bento lunch boxes are perfect for your children as they are made from stainless steel as they are much safer than plastic boxes. Moreover, these lunch boxes are also double insulated which keeps hot foods hot and cold food cold. Bento lunch boxes also come with adjustable dividers which will help you easily maintain portion control and create nutritious lunches. Kangovou bento lunch boxes are available in two sizes which ensures that you won’t need to buy another lunch container for years to come.

ECO Lunchbox 3-in-1

ECO Lunchbox is actually a 3-in-1 container which is made of stainless steel and is comprised of two stacked levels with a third small box that can be put inside either one. The ECO lunchbox allows the children to easily carry hot and cold food all at once.

Moreover, the container is also dishwasher safe. Which means, you can simply put in the dishwasher to get it cleaned. Further, the containers are also held together by sturdy snaps on each side to prevent leakage. The containers are also microwave safe, so you can place it in a medium-hot oven to quickly reheat leftovers for an after-school snack.

Happy Tiffin

If you want a classy and elegant way to carry your lunch, opt for Happy Tiffin lunch box. Happy Tiffin Lunch system is available in two-tier or three tiers. Happy Day tiffin system snaps together with a handheld lid for easy carrying. Each container can hold up to 3 cups of food, is leakproof, and air-tight as well. These containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Planet Box

Planet Boxes are a great choice for big as well as little kids. Just like Happy Tiffin, Planet Box is made from stainless steel. This lunch box comes multiple compartments of different sizes and shapes which makes it easier to control the portion. Each box is made from the hinged lid that ensures that you will never have to look for to find the matching top during busy mornings. If you purchase Planet box, you will get a set of magnets free to add a personal touch to your lunch box.

Lunch Bots

Another plastic free lunch boxes are the Lunch Bots which are stainless steel boxes like every other lunch box. They are available in a wide range of sizes, such as small, snack-friendly containers to large, five compartment lunch boxes that would easily pack enough food for an adult.

The company also makes a variety of accessories for you to take with your tiffin boxes such as dip cups, thermoses, and insulated containers. Lunch Bots can also be customized with a colorful, dot-filled lid cover which makes it easy to distinguish between different Lunchbot boxes. Moreover, you can even buy insulated lunch bags from Ice-green. Ice-greenis a leading international manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of reusable bags and other environmentally-responsible packaging solutions.

What Should You Know Before Using Bird’s Eye Chilli in Your Cooking?

As one of the hottest chillies in the world, Bird’s eye chillies are commonly used in South Asian cooking. In their small size, they pack a mean punch with a Scoville rating of 50,000-10,000 units. Though they are popular as Thai chillies, Mexico is also a source of their origin. This type of chilli belongs to the species named capsicum annuum. They are primarily found in south-east Asian regions including India. A lot of dishes are made from bird’s eye chilli in cuisines from south India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Khmer region.

A Tiny Hot Chilli:

The bird’s eye chillies are extremely hot, despite their small size. Typically, they are 2-3 cm in size with 10-20 seeds in each pod. They are available in colors like pale green, dark green, white, and red when ripened. This tiny chilli originates from Cambodia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, and several other South Asian nations. They are nearly 20 times hotter than Jalapenos. A mature chilli has delayed potency due to which you can feel the heat long after you consume it.

Cooking with Birds Eye Chillies:

There are different ways to cook with this chilli depending on your individual taste. If you like mildly spiced or medium chilli in your food, you can either de-seed the bird’s eye chilli or mince it before cooking. During the drying process, the fresh chillies develop a unique taste due to caramelization of sugars. These chillies are dried and used in a lot of Thai dishes.

In the popular Thai curry, they are used alongside yellow and red chillies for a delectable spicy flavour. There are many ways in which these chillies are used in Asian cuisines.

Thai cuisines have a lot of chillies added to popular dishes like Thai salads as well. They are also integral to Vietnamese cuisines where chillies are added to salads, soups, and stir-fried dishes.

What Are the Health Benefits of Birds Eye Chillies?

Throughout the history of more than 9000 years since their discovery, these chillies are used as a natural remedy for many diseases. Some health benefits of these chillies include:

  • By consuming a small amount of fresh or dried chilli every day, you can enjoy a better sleep.
  • They increase the appetite and improve digestion due to presence of a compound called capsaisin. This compound stimulates gut activities and movement of food in the intestinal tract.
  • The capsaicinoids found in this type of chilli decrease the calorie intake and improve the metabolic rate. More calories will be burned every day if you regularly consume this chilli.
  • It reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.
  • Bird eye chillies are a medicinal component that possesses strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. They prevent clotting of blood and reduce the possibilities of diseases like tuberculosis.
  • In some cultures, they are traditionally used for treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, and flatulence.

Precautions to Take:

Before cooking with a hot and spicy chilli, it is necessary to take some precautions. If you are not comfortable with a highly pungent chilli, you should avoid it completely. Bird eye chillies are not suitable for people suffering from heartburn and ulcers. It can cause stomach irritation due to an increase in acid levels induced by capsaicin.

When working with these chillies, you should wear rubber gloves. This is because heat chemicals or chilli oils found on this type of chilli can stay on your fingers. They will sting badly if you mistakenly touch the eyes.

You can also use them in your kitchen as per your preferred cooking styles. Put them in sauces and marinades or use as a condiment for any other dish.