Ultimate Coffee Date

Let’s say we’re having coffee (a finely ground and richly flavored one of course), and I’m telling you how excited I am about our...
Fitness Gram Pacer Test

Reliving Middle School – The FitnessGram Pacer Test

Oh, middle school. As an adult, nothing is quite as excruciating as it was back then. From the braces to the acne, just about...

Blogfest and IDEA Fit – Inspiration and Fun

A while back I attended the IDEA Fit and Blogfest Conference in Anaheim. There is another one scheduled for the end of June this...
Kratom Helpful for Your Weightlifting Training

Why is Kratom Helpful for Your Weightlifting Training?

Kratom is a popular medicinal plant that is known for providing several health benefits, and people are making the most of it today. The herb contains...
Ultimate Coffee Date August

August Ultimate Coffee Date

Thanks for joining me for the August Ultimate Coffee Date. These are some of my favorite posts to write and to read. If only...
Funny workout memes

My Favorite Funny Workout Memes

Going to the gym is hard. It’s the *getting there* part that’s so bad. In fact, here I sit in a sports bra right...
bum leg

Let’s See How This Goes

Just an update with my foot, it’s slowly getting better. I don’t wear the boot any longer and have been walking as much as...
Fitness myths

5 Stupid Fitness Myths People Still Think Are True

Even though we live in the day and age of the Internet, people are still blindly believing some things that are leftovers from the...
Woman with blowing hair in cold weather

How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Healthy This Winter

The year winter is coming, and you are thinking how to protect your hair extensions and keep it healthy this season? If you are...
Men and Supplements

What Men Need to Know About Their Health Before Taking Supplements

Nearly 50% of American men take some kind of supplement regularly, whether that is vitamin based, a herbal product, or something designed to boost...