sleeping woman

Tips for Sleeping Better Naturally

Maintaining good physical and mental health require regularly getting a sound, relaxing night’s sleep. Consequences of not enough sleep can lead to serious complications,...
happy monday

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Friends! I’m feeling good for a Monday. The yoga class from last week was amazing. I think I’ve always been doing yoga-light. This...

Why Starting to Run Will Change Your Life

There comes a day when you stop to think and realize that, without knowing how, there is something in your life that is not...
Funny fitness memes

My Favorite Funny Fitness Memes

For some people, fitness comes naturally. They never struggle to find time to go and seem to have emerged from the womb 100% jacked...
Funny PreWorkout Meme List

Funny Pre-workout Memes

If you go to the gym on at least a semi-regular basis, you know that person. You know, the one downing pre-workout shakes and...

Which One Beats Stress More Effectively: Yoga or a Cup of...

Stress is tough to deal with, but if turning to medication isn’t an option for you, try both yoga and teas. But which is...
yoga break

Ready for a Yoga Break?

In the spirit of truth: we organize yoga retreats in Bali and would love you to join us on occasion! Having experienced firsthand people...
Foot in cast

Then This Happened

It’s taken me an entire week to sit down to tell you about my foot. I think the last thing I mentioned, I was...
burning calories climbing stairs

Climbing the World’s Tallest Buildings: Which Burns the Most Calories?

With 2018 well underway, it’s around about the time that many people will be giving up on their new year’s resolutions (if they’ve made...

The Power of Plants: What Adaptogens Are and How They Work

A stressful lifestyle, poor diet, environmental factors, aging, and declining physical activities are just some of the reasons why more and more men and...