Kratom as a Performance-Enhancing Drug

Kratom has been in the conversation for a while now because its reputation dangles between a prescription drug and plant-based medicine. Many people use it in the form of a painkiller, because of which it has been a conversation subject among the Anti-Doping Agency. Many consider kratom to be a performance enhancer, while others claim that it is a doping agent. Before having an in-depth discussion on this topic, let us get an understanding of Kratom and its properties.

What Do We Mean By Kratom?

Kratom is a medicinal plant that is originally from Southeast Asia. Traditional medicine has made use of this plan for decades because of its stimulant-like and opioid-like effects. The herb can help in managing pain, providing a pleasant buzz, improving sociability, and so on.

Even two hundred years back, humans used too much on the kratom leaves. However, in the 21st century, kratom has made its way in the United States market. More than 18- people died last year because of opioid overdose, and kratom is known to be a promising alternative.

Why Are Gym Goers Using Kratom?

Kratom has had a volatile status because of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was in their monitoring program for several years. Since 2018, it hasn’t been monitored any more. And athletes are free to take kratom in order to receive its beneficial effects while going to the gym. However, it is essential to make sure that kratom is not affecting health. People with heart problems must not consume kratom products without adequately consulting with the doctor.

Many of the footballers in Malaysia make use of kratom tea for increasing their performance and overcoming fatigue after finishing a football match. In Western societies, the people involved I weightlifting sports are known to consume kratom products for treating pain and increasing stamina. The Golden Monk is one of the reputable stores where you can find premium quality kratom products.

When kratom is consumed in high doses, it is known for having sedative-like effects, but the smaller doses are known to be stimulatory in nature. The manual labourers in Southeast Asia used to consume kratom tea in order to boost focus and reduce fatigue after completing their long shifts.

Weight lifters definitely find kratom to be a safer alternative as compared to the other banned sports enhancing agents. When kratom is induced in smaller quantities, it will significantly help in improving the performance of weight lifters. As of now, medical professionals have not found a way to test mitragynine in human urine.

Some may even compare the effects of kratom with coffee because a lot of people use coffee in order to start their day. But the majority of the people take kratom to alleviate soreness. Anything that has the potential to reduce pain will be able to let you lift better.

Kratom is quite useful for focus and energy, but it also increases vasodilation. Because it has a role to play in dealing with injuries and chronic pain, a lot of strength athletes are getting attracted to kratom.

It has also been associated with reducing back pain, which many of the athletes and bodybuilders have in common. Because of so many advantages, kratom has become the do-to-herb for many of the athletes and gym-goers.

Is Kratom Safe?

When it comes to kratom, it can be slightly confusing and difficult to pinpoint its stimulant-like effects. But low doses are considered to provide the desired energy boost which is need during a rigorous gym session.

People who take stimulants frequently won’t be able to enjoy the effects caffeine offer for recovery or anxiety. Kratom won’t be able to lift you enough unless you are suffering from chronic pain.

The better question, in this case, would be to know whether kratom is a safe alternative to other medications. It is because kratom is already known for its energy boosting and sedative-like effects. Research studies were able to show that kratom leaves do not result in toxic effects among regular users. However, some agencies claim that some people have died due to their consumption. But these ill effects have been linked to the kratom pills that have been adulterated with different chemicals, such as O-Desmethyltramadol.

So far we have understood that there can never be no risk associated with kratom, but the chances are quite rare. There have been rare reports of seizures, and there may be some amount of addiction involved as well among people who use it for long-term. However, much more research is needed in this area. Some users may still be convinced that kratom is risk-free, but finding the unadulterated versions in the market is very tough. It is because many of the vendors available in the market do not have a proper licence. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are choosing a reliable store for purchasing the products.

Kratom’s Future

It seems like kratom will be regulated in the coming years. When we look at it generally, kratom appears s to be much safe than the other opioid options. In a short-term basis, it is not dangerous. However, having it in high doses for a significant amount of time could result in adversities.

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