A while back I attended the IDEA Fit and Blogfest Conference in Anaheim. There is another one scheduled for the end of June this year in San Diego so I wanted to mention it again. A few of my blogger friends have already written up some great recaps of the events, so I’ll just sum up my own experience.

Blogfest was produced by the amazing ladies at Sweat Pink and was a nicely integrated program with the whole of IDEAFit. If you don’t know what it is, it’s just as the name says. It’s an event for bloggers who write about fitness, where we get together to workout and blog about it.

I readily admitted that I went into the event mostly excited to see my blogger friends but ended up making many more who were so inspiring. Blogging about fitness isn’t new, but as we tend to do it on our own, it’s very fulfilling to meet other like-minded bloggers who are passionate about fitness.

There were keynote speakers, booths for educational materials and a lot of reps from fitness related brand products, which is always helpful. One quote I heard that stayed with me was, “Educate your kids about their health and empower them to understand how their decisions affect their health.” Perfect. Empowerment to me means don’t be the food police – but model healthy habits and encourage them to understand their own health.

And another quotable moment: “When you’re strong physically, it translates to every facet of your life.”

The other inspiring takeaway from the conference was meeting and chatting with a woman from from PowerCakes. Her philosophy is to “Be True to You” and she works tirelessly to inspire young girls to have Body Peace. Having a teenage daughter and being around so many teenage girls, I know the importance of a healthy body image. I could have chatted with her for hours and hours. It certainly inspired me and gave me a lot to think about long after the event was over.

I think the best thing to walk away with from a fitness blogger conference is inspiration. Not just blogging but it’s inspiration to do things OFF of my blog. Yes, I can share stories and motivation here, but it’s the things I want to do off the blog that I keep thinking about. Being active in the kid’s fitness and food programs at their schools, for instance.

I know there’s more, but overall it was amazing. If you think that we just sat around in presentations all day, we didn’t. There were plenty of workouts, although I’m still not at 100% with my foot, so I took it easier than I wanted to, but it was a great, inspiring weekend.

I look forward to this year, to seeing my friends and making new one.

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