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Families all across the nation are exploring alternative forms of education for their children. Virtual schooling, or online schooling, is one of the alternative forms of education that families can choose from. If you’re looking for an education format that is better suited for your children’s learning style, your family’s lifestyle and schedule, or for children that are self-directed and motivated – virtual schooling may be the right choice for your family.

High Flexibility and Control Over the Pace of Learning

Virtual schooling is unique compared to traditional learning in that students and their families have much greater control and flexibility over the content of the education. While there are certain deadlines to be met, if a student feels compelled (or wants the added challenge), they may opt to complete courses at a faster rate than what is suggested.

This allows students and their families to have greater flexibility over their schedule by having the option to take lessons, do assignments, and take tests at a time that is more convenient – or more effective for the student’s learning habits.

Students Will Develop Digital Literacy Skills

Through virtual schooling, students will need to have a basic understanding of certain hardware and software, such as computers/laptops, software needed to communicate with teachers and peers, an understanding of how the internet works, and more.

By learning about these physical and digital components of their education, they’ll have greater digital literacy, which will help them in the digital world beyond school. The digital literacy skills they develop through virtual schooling will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Helps Students Realize There Are Alternative Paths to Any Destination

By embarking on an alternative form of education, especially for students that have already gotten accustomed to the traditional educational path, it will help them realize that there are different paths to get the same (and even better) results. In education, in their careers, in their personal life, and more, students may become more open minded about the routes they can take to get what they want to achieve.

Students Develop Soft Skills That Will Help Them Succeed in the Modern World

Besides the education itself, one of the most impactful benefits of online education is that students will develop “soft skills” that will help them succeed in other areas of their life for the rest of their life, personally and professionally.

For example, in order to succeed at virtual schooling, students will need to be self-disciplined, have good time management, be very organized, be self-motivated, know how and when to ask for help, and much more.

Developing these skills early on in their life will help them become more successful and effective in any pursuit or venture they embark on, whether it’s in their education after high school, their career, or other personal pursuits.

If you haven’t considered virtual schooling before, now is the time! Virtual schooling is one of the most effective alternative forms of education that families all across the nation are embracing.


Republished with permission from San Diego Virtual School


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