bad run

I’ll start with Friday. My mom has been taking a barre fitness class for a while and I’ve been wanting to go along and try out the class. A former ballet teacher teaches the class on Friday mornings for beginners.

The barre fitness thing is all the craze and supposedly you don’t need to be a dancer, which is lucky, because I’m not. I love trying new things, so I really wanted to check it out. It didn’t go so well.

Strike #1 – our teacher friend was out sick and the class had a substitute.

Strike #2 – it’s supposed to be a beginning level class, but it felt more advanced to me. The instructor went really quickly through the moves and we did A LOT of repetitions of every move. It wasn’t really very fun. Aside from feeling like I couldn’t keep up with the more ballet-ish moves, it really was not fun.

Strike #3 – I kind of forgot that my toe doesn’t bend and that a barefoot workout isn’t the best idea. My toe hasn’t been bothering me much lately and I kind of forgot. I modified a lot of moves, and I did lots of extra squats and other things.

So, I left the class a little grumpy. Sure, it was a workout and I worked up a good sweat and my muscles were tired. But, it wasn’t fun. I’m pretty sure that even with the regular teacher, I would have felt rather uncoordinated and probably not enjoyed it either. So, live and learn.

Okay, back to the bad run. My muscles were pretty tired after the barre workout. But, I didn’t think it’d be a problem with a run because the sore muscles must have been muscles I don’t use a lot, right? Or at least that’s what I told myself.

Saturday I woke up and got ready to run. I was dreading it before I even stepped out the door. My hamstrings were tight, nothing serious, just a general tiredness. My friend wasn’t able to join me for the run, so I was looking at some lonely miles.

I headed out. My legs were tired from the start. My pace was slow and I just listened to my podcast and tuned everything out. My plan was 9 miles.   I had to stop twice in the first half to use the bathroom which never happens and I was annoyed from the start that was just making it all take longer.

Nothing about the run was painful, it was just long and slow and boring and tedious and not fun. I distracted myself a little bit with people and dog watching at the beach. But, that only lasts so long.

The grumpy-ness from my run was still lingering as of yesterday and I didn’t want to run on my normal Tuesday night run. I went for a lunchtime walk with my friend instead. That was much better.

My running friend is able to join me this weekend. I know that my planned 10 miler isn’t going to happen. I think I might go for 2-3 on my own and then join her for 2 more. That sounds much more pleasant. I was hoping to hit a 10 miler before Ragnar. I know it’s still 5 weeks away, but March is so busy, I’m planning to do split runs on the weekend and probably no long runs. I think I need to stick to a place where running is fun and not worry about the distance. Oh and to not try out any new workouts before then.

Thanks for reading my total whine-fest. In the grand scheme of things, this is so not a big deal. I’m happy that it’s just a bad mood and a bad run.

Have you tried a barre fitness class? I’d love some advice on bouncing back from a horrible run? Do I just give it time?

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