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Almost 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain and it has become of the growing concern for doctors and victims alike. Most of the time the pain is temporary, but for some, it’s a chronic and a painful part of their lives.

There are many ways one can get relief from back pain. Most take the short, easy way out – taking a painkiller. While it does remove the pain, the underlying cause can cause massive health problems.

Doctors suggest that healthy habits such as exercising, stretching, good diet, and posture can help you get relief from back pain. It will also prevent back pain from happening in the future.

Check out these 8 simple tips to get relief from back pain.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Staying fit and keeping your body weight in a healthy weight limit is one of the best ways to avoid back pain. According to neurological experts, the extra pounds can stress you to cause back pain. Change your diet and include fruits, vegetables and avoid fatty and processed food to keep your body and back healthy. 

  1. Keep your back muscles strong

The most common reason for having back problems is when people have a weak back. When doing hard work or heavy lifting, the back gives out – due to degeneration of the spine – causing problems with exercise. You can build muscle strength through physical therapy that can support your spine and surrounding area to stop back pain from ever happening.

  1. Stretch your muscles

It’s important that people with back problems grow a practice to stretch before going to bed. The exercise is simple and does wonder for your back. Not only it keeps you flexible, but it also helps you recover from a back injury. The motion of the exercise is as simple as bending back and forward, and side to side.

  1. Focus on keeping a good posture

One of the major reasons for having a back problem is having poor posture. Always stand up straight with your ears above your shoulders and your shoulders above your hip joints. And your hip joints above your ankles. This will keep your posture straight and pain-free. When sitting down, sit in an upright position with your back straight.

  1. Lift properly

Most of us still make mistakes when it comes to lifting things properly. We should always lift with our knees, not with our back. Make sure you don’t twist your body when lifting. If your job requires lifting things regularly, try to do some exercise that strengthens your back muscles and if required, wear a brace.

  1. Keep your bag/purse at home

Carrying a heavy bag regularly can cause hip and lower back problems. A heavy bag can change the way your spine curves and put pressure on your sciatic nerves. Sitting down with a full wallet on your back pocket can also cause similar problems. If unavoidable, carry a bag that has proper shoulder straps or just carry cash and ID.

  1. Stay stress-free 

Stress makes everything worse. So try and keep your life as free from stress as possible. There are many ways you can do these – taking up yoga, having a short getaway with friends and family, avoid overscheduling or even a day at the spa! Stay positive and laugh. A stress-free life will make you more open, have a healthy attitude and solve half of your back problems.

  1. Sleep well 

Sleep is an essential part of resting. People with back pain should take extra care as sleeping badly could have an adverse effect on your back. Soft mattresses can push your back and spine out of alignment while sleeping. So, it’s best to choose a mattress suited for back pain. Usually, medium to firm mattresses do the trick.

Having back pain isn’t the end of the world. Millions like you are coping with back pain. Following these habits will not only help you get a healthy ‘pain-free’ back but also a healthy life.

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