Most women face the problem of ingrown hair. And, the condition can really be annoying and painful. As ingrown hair grows back into the skin, it’s tough to get rid of it. Ingrown hair can also lead to inflammation and whiteheads at times.

Hair removal creams can help to deal with ingrown hair in an effective way. Revitol hair removal not only gets rid of ingrown hair but it is also safe for your skin. Listed are 7 effective ways to remove an ingrown hair, read on.

Moisturize the area

When your skin is dry, it is more susceptible to the problem of ingrown hair. Moisturize the area two times in a day to get rid of dryness. Use a natural moisturizer that is best suited to your skin. You can also use honey and glycerin on the affected area. This will help to prevent the problem too.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation helps to remove an ingrown hair. When the hair follicle gets clogged with dead skin, exfoliation plays an important part. It can force the hair to grow in one direction so that you can remove it easily. Exfoliation also helps to get rid of dead skin cells, which will prevent ingrown hair. You can simply pluck your ingrown hair after exfoliation.

Use Hair removal creams

Most women resort to shaving or threading for hair removal. This can actually cause ingrown hair. Use natural hair removal creams for hair removal. These creams are not harsh on your skin as it helps to grow your hair freely. You can try sensitive hair removal cream like revitol hair removal for the problem of ingrown hair.

Apply a warm washcloth

You can remove an ingrown hair with the application of a warm washcloth. A warm washcloth softens the surface and brings hair to the surface. Just wet the cloth with hot water and apply it to the affected area for 3 minutes. Repeat the process two to three times until the hair is removed. This is the safest method to remove an ingrown hair.

Tweeze the hair out

One simple way to remove your hair is through tweezing. Wash the area with a medicated soap and tweeze the hair using tweezers or a sterilized needle. You need to be careful when you pluck the hair out. If you do it in a hurry, then it can also cause a red bump in the affected area. So, remove the hair slowly so that it does not affect your skin.

Use ingrown eliminating pads

These pads help to regulate the sebum production of the skin thereby improving congestion. It also calms the bumps caused by ingrown hair. You can use the pads according to suitability.

Try scrubbing

You can also scrub your skin to remove ingrown hair. Scrubbing improves the cell turnover and unclogs the clogged pores of your skin. This causes the hair to grow out in a normal way so you can remove it easily. You can use a homemade scrubber like sugar and lemon juice for this purpose.

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