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It wasn’t easy when you started exercising to achieve your life goal of getting fit and living a healthy life. You have been doing it for quite some time and you feel that you are now at an optimum point where everything is easier, your body is flexible, you are in total comfort and following your diet program with ease. This means you have made a significant achievement and you are becoming a pro in what you do. But…if you are in a position where you feel you can’t do without it, then here are the 6 signs indicating that you may be a fitness junkie.

Getting excited about every new exercise

If you walk to your studio for yoga class, barre class or any other fitness program you’ve picked up and get introduced to a new exercise and you feel excited about it (every time), then you are becoming a total fitness junkie. New exercises introduce a sensation of euphoria, your body has adapted to every single exercise and can handle all the moves you used to find difficult. You are becoming a pro and living healthy.

You can’t afford to miss your workouts

If whenever a situation come that makes you miss your workout, you feel unhappy and can’t concentrate, then you are a serious fitness junkie. Whether it’s attending personal matters, job or sickness and you can’t keep your mind away from exercises, then you need a little more balance. You can calm down your nerves by promising yourself that you will create time to recover your session so that you can be able to complete the duties that made you miss out.

You gotta have that new gear

You have plenty of exercise gear but you always find yourself browsing for the best and newest fitness gear whenever you are on the internet. If you can’t keep your mind off the latest gadgets, then fitness has gotten under your skin in an irresistible way.

Your pre and post workout is your best friend

You just feel anxious for that time in the morning when you do your drink mixes and pop your supplements before heading out for your exercise. You feel that it’s one moment where everything in the world feels right. You are slowly turning out to be a fitness junkie.

You’ve lost your taste for junk food

You find that you have adopted healthy eating habits where you don’t crave junk food, fried meat, fatty foods and sugar. Before you started exercising, maybe these were your favorites but now you no longer yearn for such foods and your body has totally rejected these types of foods. Some people even get sick or irritated by the sight of junk food; this means that you are now turning to a junkie but in a good way.

You share motivational quotes like a fiend

You come across fitness motivational quotes and your heart yells out “that’s you!” You also like reading and sharing everything about exercises, fitness and motivational quotes on articles that you come across on the internet. You “like” every page talking about health and fitness and sharing on your social media pages. You are on the track becoming a fitness junkie.

Bonus: You have started “optimizing” your sleep

A serious junkie knows that they can’t perform during the day if they don’t sleep during the night. All this joy of your new fitness junkie life will be wrapped up with a bow during the night when you sleep in a comfortable mattress. A comfortable mattress makes your body feel relaxed, preventing the aches that can come from an uncomfortable bed, thus offering you a healthy sleep that makes you wake up ready for your fitness routine. Check out Sleeping Culture for your sleeping accessories needs.

As you have seen, if you are an enthusiast and have passion in achieving a healthy life through fitness programs, then you might become a fitness junkie as you keep on getting used to your exercises. It is a positive thing getting used to your exercises to achieve maximum body fitness as it will improve and prolong your life expectancy.

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