There is no denying the fact that flossing can get awkward even for adults at times, let alone children with small and delicate hands. Teaching your child to floss properly can be tough and tricky, but certainly not impossible. With a little bit of patience and dedication, you can teach your child how to floss effectively.

Here, we have brought you six different ways to get your kids to floss –

1. Educate Them About It

Educating your kids about the importance of flossing can actually be a useful method to make them floss. When we are well-aware about the benefits of something and how the entire process is going to help us, we feel motivated to do it. This is a basic human tendency. Your kids are likely to understand and believe it better if it is coming from you. Try having a heart-to-heart conversation with your kids about their teeth and the importance of oral hygiene. Show them that this is not something weird. Discuss with them how teeth need to be cleaned at least twice a day to keep them healthy.

2. Make It A Fun Experience

It may happen sometimes that you and your kid need some extra motivation to floss your teeth well. Having a mini dance party in the bathroom is a fantastic idea when it comes to boosting the energy levels. Let the child choose their favorite track by looking at the track length. Turn the music up loud and have a fun time during floss time. Not only will this get your job done but also make it quite interesting! It may happen that your kids actually start looking forward to flossing their teeth. Apart from that, a quick dance party can put a smile on everyone’s face and create a great bond between you and your kids.

3. Let Them Choose It

Taking your children along while going for floss and brush shopping can also get them interested in the process. Let them pick up their own dental supplies. Choosing their own brush and floss will make them feel more responsible towards it. Also, they are more likely to use something they bought themselves. Let them pick up whatever flavor of floss and toothpaste they like. This may seem trivial to an adult, but for kids, being a part of the process helps them feel like they have an important role to play in their own dental health. Moreover, it may be the case that your kid doesn’t like the taste of the toothpaste you have been bringing. You should consider asking them about it. Get them a colorful safety cabinet to store all their dental care accessories.

4. Floss With Them

Another easy way to get your kids do flossing properly is to brush and floss yourself with your kids. You can act as a role model for your kids here. When they see that you are conscious enough about your oral hygiene, they will automatically follow you. It is natural for the kids to follow their parents, after all. Moreover, this way you can also teach them the proper way to floss. Besides that, make sure that your kids accompany you while you are on your regular visits to the dentist so that the kids also adopt this habit. Kids pay more attention to what their parents do than we can ever imagine. When they see how important your teeth are to you, they will keep theirs healthy too. In case you wear braces or dental crown, consider using floss aids like a water flosser. It uses water pulsation to clean teeth and helps to reduce plaque, gingivitis and the risks of a gum disease.

5. Make A Game Out Of It

If you have more than one child, you can even organize a quick flossing competition for your children. Make a smart use of sibling rivalry to get your kids to floss. Be an unbiased judge and conduct a weekly check on who has been taking the best care of their teeth. If your kid is too young or doesn’t have a sibling to compete with, you may make it fun for them by converting it into a fun game. Set a timer for them during flossing, lay out a treasure hunt, give them rewards etc. You can do a lot to make it fun and see your kids actually enjoy it.

6. Make It A Part Of Their Routine

The most effective way to get your kids to floss is to set a time for it and make it a part of their routine like studying, eating or any other activity that they do daily. Keep flossing on a schedule so that the kids know when to expect it and get used to it. By having them floss every day at the same time, they will be prepared for the same and not create a fuss about it. In a few days, they will get used to it and know that they shouldn’t expect to be doing anything else at the time. Make sure that you stick to it seriously and do not break a set schedule even if it is the vacation time.

Flossing can get tough, at times. Learning to floss properly can be a bit frustrating experience for your small child. Besides, you – as a parent – may be having a hard time getting your kids to floss. There’s a wide variety of child-friendly floss sticks available in lots of different colors and flavors. You may buy them for your kids and make the floss experience a fun activity. Apart from that, you as a parent must be well aware of various general medical terms and practices like the types of flossing aids available, the importance of flossing, ez io needle sizes, dental crowns, avoiding cavities etc. This will help you in keeping your child aware and safe.

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