5k Road Race

My son ran our local 5K race last week. All the preparation from his track meet last month excited him about the race. If I couldn’t be out there running, it was fun to be there and feel the energy of a race.

He was out there by himself, sort of, because he saw lots of people he knew while out there running. He had a goal in his head to finish in under 30 minutes as his first timed race, he finished in just over 31 minutes.

He’s 11, and he can be a little goofy, he decided to stop two separate times to tie his shoe.

He was 59 out of 102 in his age group. Can I just say how awesome it is that there were 102 boys ages 9-12 who ran the race! .

Evidently, it takes almost two minutes to stop twice to tie your shoe. Maybe we need to work on the speed of the shoe tying skills. Although I’m sure he used the break to catch his breath a tiny bit, too. Maybe we’ll get him some of those slide up clip things so he doesn’t have to worry about shoe laces coming undone.

After he cooled down, he chattered non-stop about every little detail of the race and who he saw and what he did. Evidently, he looked at the watch every 3 steps, I think. But, he was so excited and proud of his effort. His enthusiasm was great.

He had a great time and is looking forward to joining the Running Club at his middle school. They run a few miles once a week after school.

I’ll give you a quick update on my medical trainwreck – I’m doing much better. The holiday weekend messed with getting my blood work back from the lab, but I’ve now had 2 doctors say that I likely won’t need to be on the blood thinners for very long, hopefully the blood work results will confirm that. Thankfully, I’m released from my boot on my right foot, which was the original injury, it’s still a bit sore.

I’m going to go back to my chiropractor for some ART to help with the inflammation and I’m also doing some stretching on my own, so mostly it is just annoying.

I went for a really short walk the other day on my lunch as I’m starting to go crazy without exercise. Getting out was great, but I can tell that my foot is not 100%. I do feel it getting better with the stretching and I’m hopeful that the pad in my shoe will continue to alleviate some of the pressure when I walk.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Have a good one!

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