The worries and sorrows of life are inevitable and there isn’t much you can do to avoid them. However, when all seems lost, it is laughter that makes you feel light and rejuvenated. If you are feeling down or having a bad day, the following memes will make you laugh out loud.

Let’s sink right in.

1. Mama’s Boys Too Have a Heart

Being rejected, or worse, being put in the friendzone sucks. I know because I have been there countless times. The problem us nice guys or Mama’s boys is that they view the world from our mothers’ eyes. We never fully grow up, and whatever has been told since childhood, we believe it as the gospel. It’s annoying when the girl who means the world to you goes out with some guy who won’t treat her half as good as you can. So man up, get out there, and muster up the courage to take what’s yours.

2. You Have the Right to Remain Silent, Consider It

It’s harmless, but it is still incredibly maddening. Nothing pisses me off more than walking in a shoe that makes weird noises. The sheer confidence with which the salesman at the footwear store says the noise will go away in a week is commendable. I remember walking down the aisle during a conference with my boots whining “aye…aye”, and every corporate head turning around to see what was wrong. Man, it was certainly the most embarrassing moment of my life.

3. Once a Loner Always a Loner

Anxiety isn’t a joke and only the people who have been there know what it feels like. But hey, there is certainly nothing wrong with lessening the pain with an ounce of humor. People, who are isolated and not much sociable, tend to get lonely with time. Because of their nature, the things and the people they love move away from them. On the bright side, wouldn’t it be exciting to fall in love with your anxiety and somehow scaring it away from you. It’s unheard of, but it is surely worth a try.

4. Alright Fine, I’m Broke, I Get It

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more painful than checking out your bank account and finding it empty. First of all, you curse yourself for being irresponsible and spending way too extravagantly. Secondly, there are times when being broke is followed by embarrassment. Once, a friend of mine threw me and a couple of other people a lavish dinner, and a high-end restaurant. When it was time to swipe the debit card, it dawned on us that he was out of cash. Not a day goes by when we don’t roast him for the fool he made out of himself, even though it’s been years.

5. Till Death Do Us Part

Oh, how can I forget Ms. Green, my poor science teacher? Her voice would boom with fury, as she ordered me to sit miles away from my best friend in class, as a move to mitigate the mischief we brought to the table. We would wreak the real havoc when we were given the choice to pick our lab partners. Him and I being the hooligans we were would turn the science lab into a battlefield, and end up in detention for two hours after school.

6. Ok Boomer, You’re Going Down

The only time in your life when you truly experience freedom is when you graduate and land a well-paid job. Despite the feeling of independence, we live in the real world that expects you to get married, have kids with no time for ourselves, what so ever. I get it; the time is drawing near for me to tie the knot. It doesn’t mean that everybody should remind me of how soon my happiness is about to vanish. Seriously man, mind your own business. How about, you die before I move forth with my life?

7. New Year New Me Bullshit

My question is what’s the difference between 31st of December and 1st of January? What is so funny or special about it anyway? You’re still going to be the same twisted, annoying and miserable being that you are. Might as well shut up, and not make me recall that I have wasted another year of my life, doing nothing productive.  

8. Those Good For Nothing Freeloaders

There is nothing in the world that puts off a good student when he has to execute the term project all by himself. Ironically, most college and university projects are referred to as “group projects”, while in reality, only one of the group members is doing all the work. I get it, you guys aren’t good enough, and you don’t have it in you. Could you freeloaders have some sense of responsibility, and if not that, at least pretend you are concerned? Guy’s your grades are on the line and your future depends on it, so please alter that attitude of yours, just a little bit.

9. Can I Rewind the Time?

Your tongue slips the worst when you least want and expect it to. The same happens when you are speaking in the presence of your crush, and something foolish comes out of your mouth. No matter how hard you try to stop yourself, out of nervousness, you say something which completely kills your chances. One time at college I was hanging out with a group, my crush was a part of. Just to break the ice with her, I asked: “so what’s your favorite color?” She giggled while those aware of my feelings for here laughed their lungs out. Only if I had a gun, I would have shot myself in the throat.

10. Man’s Best Friend

All of you devout dog people will agree to this. I consider myself one of the coldest and least emotional beings to walk this planet. The other day I watched Schindler’s list with my family, and they were surprised at my level of calm at the adversities in that film. They were equally shocked when they saw me weep like a little girl while watching a Dog’s Purpose. I can’t stand the idea of those fuzzy buddies feel any pain or part with their human masters.

So, the next time you’re feeling down, just go through a few lol memes on social media. It surely helps.

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